Tapley vs. Cooper, Final Round

William Tapley and Anderson Cooper are still at it. First Tapley defends himself …

And then Cooper gives him a three-peat on the RidicuList.

… and I think Cooper has gotten all the mileage he can get from taunting a youtube loon. It’s worth a chuckle, but it’s starting to feel like Cooper is picking on someone who’s clearly mental.

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  • Hamish Milne

    That is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

  • http://skepticaljew.blogspot.com MKR

    I had never heard of this guy Tapley before. Watching his video made me feel queasy, as it is disturbing to see how serious he is about this idiocy. But the video does provide a very vivid example of the total lack of critical thinking that underlies conspiracy theorizing and much religious thinking.

  • Adam

    The man sees phalluses in anything longer than it is wide.

  • Demo

    am I missing something? even freezing it and looking at it from every angle I can’t see any peni on that horse’s mane, anywhere.

    • UrsaMinor

      Clearly you do not have Mr. Tapley’s eye for penises. Or perhaps you lack sufficient art training. Or maybe you are a normal, rational human being. Pick whichever explanation you like and go with it.

    • Michael

      Oh no, your Latin is almost as bad as Tapley’s!

      No wonder you can’t see the penises decorating the airport. After all, some are apparently hidden in Latin names.

  • Igor

    Wait a minute! The stallion is clearly rearing up on its hind legs, fully exposing its impressive package, and Tapley is looking at the mane?!? I guess the first Two Eyes of the Apocalypse can see obvious things a bit more clearly. The Third Eye is condemned to look into obscura. Poor fellow.

  • Revyloution

    These were all funny, but I think they have given the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse a far too large inflated image of his own self importance.