The Elephant and the Rainbow

Let’s face it, New York State Politics is confusing, and the current flap over marriage equality can be hard to follow. Thankfully, there’s NMA, the Taiwanese animated news program, to explain it all with elephants, rainbow squirt guns and fire-breathing lesbians.

Interesting that they picked up on President Obama’s “evolving” stance on marriage equality. Most folks I’ve talked to think that Obama is a supporter of marriage equality, but is playing his usual game of careful triangulation. Maybe it looks different to those outside the US?

(via All Over Albany)

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  • Francesco

    I nearly fell from my seat at the Fire-breathing Lesbians

  • Custador

    The Sims as a news media device. Nice.

  • Oscar Røhling

    Well, yes… of course he looks different from outside USA. Truth to be told I, as a Dane, never gave much thought to Obama’s views on gay marriage, thinking that whatever they are they are sure to be overshadowed by the outright bigotry of the religious right and other nutters. And that after 8 years with a madman at the wheel things just have to look up for the old US on a broad score, under which stuff like gay marriage is filed. Then again I’m a heterosexual myself, so it also tends to sweep under my radar because I’m not really involved, aside from being a big fan of synthpop, which has its share of gay icons.
    That said I do believe that marriage itself is an archaic abomination, but I’m happy with the step towards equality, even if it’s a small one to my mind.

  • UrsaMinor

    It’s all so much clearer to me now. Thank you, Animated Taiwanese News People!