Trends in Jesus

It appears that Hipster Jesus is beginning to combine with Badass Jesus into this new unholy conglomeration.

(via Jesus Needs New PR)

Once you run out of ice giants ...
Evidence Against Evolution
Invisible Watermelon
Romance at Mars Hill
  • krissthesexyatheist

    Fo sho I saw that dude at the last three day hippie festival that I went to a couple o’ weeks back.


  • mikespeir

    *shrug* One more Jesus. So what?

  • FO

    I’d wear that. ^^

  • arrakis

    Those aviator glasses make him look like Hunter S. Thompson.

  • drax

    I think it’s Jim Morrison after he did Nutrisystem

  • FO

    On another note, I wouldn’t keep at my neck something I was tortured on…

  • trj

    That’s the miracle of Jesus; he can be anything you want him to be.

  • Susan james

    u pedophile Nazis are so ” fucked” with these blogs!

    • Hamish Milne

      Please provide evidence for your propositions that:
      a) We find prepubescent children sexually attractive
      b) We support the defunct fascist regime present in Germany from 1933-1945, or are a part of so-called ‘Neo-Nazi’ organisations that seek to bring about similar government systems in their respective countries

      The word ‘fuck’ has many uses, but I have never seen it’s past tense form used as an adjective with an object present. Please provide a more verbose definition for your statement. I am also mystified by the presence of double quotation marks, which normally indicate that the enclosed text is directly copied from another source.

      I am unsure of the nature of your series of single-word questions, as there is no context present. Evidently each is as important as the last, as all are presented in capital letters, normally indicating loud speech and importance. I shall assume you are asking for a definition, therefore I shall provide one for each stated word:

      Ross: Either a christian or family name, originally from Scotland. e.g. Ross Kemp, an English TV presenter
      Crowe: A family name, also from Scotland. e.g. Russel Crowe, an actor
      Nick: Short for Nicholas, a christian name from France
      Remy: A christian name from France
      Ba: The Egyptian concept of a ‘soul’, everything that makes a person unique
      Ass: Slang for donkey, or in the USA for buttocks. The UK equivalent is spelled ‘arse’
      Lowe: A family name. e.g. Robert Lowe, an actor
      Raphael: French corruption of the Italian christian name Raffaello, e.g. the famous artist Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino
      UN: An acronym, most probably for United Nations, a global organisation to which nearly every country on earth is a member, which seeks to preserve international peace
      Ollie: Short for Oliver, anglicisation of the French christian name Olivier
      Rick: Short for Richard, an English christian name
      Utah: The 45th American state, known for it’s concentration of Christianity, particularly the Church of the Latter Day Saints, also known as Mormonism.

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      • UrsaMinor

        Don’t hold your breath. Ms. James has been sniffing entirely too much glue, to judge by the (ir)relevance of her remarks to anything on this page. Let’s just chalk it up to a random psychotic episode.

    • Noelle

      How do so many of my comments end up in spam or up for moderation and this one makes it through?

  • AoM

    ^^ ^^

    This post, understand I do not.

    • Len

      The club, join.

      • Robster

        Ah! Funny!!

  • vasaroti

    I would just like to state for the record that the biker Jesus in the Gaga video “Judas” is pretty hot, though a bit emo.

    Does this Jesus have a chiffon scarf draped around his neck? Reference??

  • Bookingelf

    Holly crap! I mean Holly Shirt! This would worth every penny! I would definitely wear this, especially when we go to visit my mother in law! And for this occasion, I would give her a “Jesus Shaves Mug”… These 2 would go very well together… especially since she is not so bright and it would take a while to understand the prank :D