Jesus' Brother Bob

My wife recently offended someone with this song. In solidarity, I leave it here to offend all of you.

So Long, Pete, It's Been Good to Know Ya
Hitler Can't Help You
Secret Atheist Back-up Singer
  • Mark the Pilgrim

    Ending was funny. The rest was lame. And not even in a ‘so-bad-it’s-good-way’.

  • mikespeir

    There are songs I like better.

  • Observer

    It made me laugh and I’m off to offend some more with it.

  • Jerdog

    Why would this offend anyone? This could have been written by Christians.

    • vasaroti

      I don’t see why either, but they do. I recall a Catholic getting bent out of shape when James was described as “the brother of Jesus.”

      • Michael

        But the Bible describes him that way several times . . .

  • MKR

    The Arrogant Worms are awesome, but this song is not one of their best. I would steer people towards “Canada Is Really Big,” “Happy Birthday,” or “I Am Cow.”

    • Artor

      The War of 1812 from the eyes of a Canadian comedy band is pretty offensive to most Real Americans (TM) I love it! And Pirates of Saskatchewan should be the new hymn for the Church of the FSM.


    Not too bad – But not very offensive in my opinion. Get your wife to show them this Jesus sibling song:

    Then ask them their opinion on the first song again.

    • joseywales

      @CHADMAC – that was hilarious!! I love Stephen Lynch (based on his appearances on The Bob and Tom Show) but I hadn’t heard that version of the song. Instant classic in my book, thanks for the link.

  • Ethan

    i love “oh nuts, it’s only bob”. i wish i knew why. and the ending of course is awesome

  • WarbVIII

    thought the song was awsome.

  • Len

    Awesome :-)

    So is this where Bob the builder comes from?

    • Jabster

      Nah … he comes from men behaving badly. Inspired casting!