The Next Stage in Tract Evolution

Want to share a Chick tract? Now there’s an app for that.

If you are a Christian, you want to share the best thing that ever happened to you with your friends. After all, you care about your friends, and you don’t what them to go to hell… right? This app was designed to make sharing Jesus with them as easy as showing them your phone.

Just choose a title that looks like its subject might be a good discussion starter, show them how to turn the pages, and hand the phone over!

Chick tracts never pull punches… they deliver the truth head-on! Get some great conversation going now. Your friends will thank you for it. Don’t worry if they start asking questions (they probably will). Use the “More Info” menu item to see articles that give you lots more information.

Meet The Wife
Where the Fire Comes From
Jesus was is a Muslim
You Can't Keep a Bad Man Down
  • Len

    “Share them with your friends!”

    After all, you can always make new friends.

  • Gordon

    Actually I think more christians need to be made aware of chick tracts. Most do not realise how hateful they are.

  • lurker111

    Where’s my Emetrol?

  • mikespeir

    Oh, man! And me with no Android. Pity.

    • wazza

      yeah, my first thought was “no love for iOS?

      • elmer

        iOS is the work of the devil…

        • Michael

          Can you be sure Steve Jobs isn’t the devil?

  • Ebon Badger

    “Just hand them your phone!”

    And watch as Ebon Badger runs off laughing gleefully before “accidentally” dropping it in a pile of dog shit…

    Having read the infamous “Lisa”, that’s the best that peddlers of these bullshit tracts deserve.

    • WMDKitty

      Oh, god… “Lisa”. *shudders*

  • Michael

    When I started reading the quoted advertisement, I thought it was more vorjack writing, parodying the idea. It was only about a paragraph and a half in that I realized the indent and that it was a legitimate quotation.

  • MahouSniper

    I love this idea. I desperately want someone to hand one of these to me or someone else who actually knows what they’re talking about. Seeing Richard Dawkins or PZ Myers deal with one of these would be gold.