God's Approval Rating

God's Approval Rating August 2, 2011

This was the lead story on the website of our local cage liner. My wife saw it before I did. It took her five minutes to convince herself that she hadn’t accidentally clicked over to The Onion.

Poll: God’s approval rating at 52 percent

More than half of U.S. voters approve of God’s job performance, according to a new poll, making God more popular than all members of Congress.

The poll — which was conducted by the Democratic research firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) — surveyed 928 people and found that 52 percent of Americans approved of God’s overall dealings, while only 9 percent disapproved.

Questions about God were asked as part of a larger survey assessing American opinions of congressional leaders in the midst of the ongoing debt ceiling debate in Washington.


The poll also gauged God’s handling of specific “issues.” When asked to rate God on the creation of the universe, 71 percent of voters approved and only 5 percent disapproved. Respondents were also generally appreciative of God’s governance of the “animal kingdom,” with 56 percent approving and 11 percent disapproving.

Younger respondents were more critical of God’s handling of natural disasters, with those ages 18-29 expressing a 26 percent disapproval rating, compared to 12 percent disapproval among those 65 and older.

I’m … it’s just … the sheer inanity of this has robbed me of my normal snark. You’ll have to fill it in yourselves. You can view the survey instrument at the PPP site (PDF). I guess it should be said that every question about God begins, “If God exists, do you approve of …”

There was also this, “God also polled significantly higher than the scandal-ridden media baron Rupert Murdoch: only 12 percent of those polled viewed him favorably, compared to 49 percent who viewed him unfavorably.” I’d kinda like to see how well Rupert would poll against Satan. I’m guessing Old Scratch would beat him out by a few points.

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