QotD: What do you tell them?

So you’ve made it through the long, dark night of the soul, and you come out of it an atheist. After soul-searching, prayer, research and reflection, you’ve shed your old beliefs like the threadbare set of clothes they had become.

That was the easy part.

You may have left religion, but you still have ties to your old church and its community. What do you tell them?

D’Ma at Gullible’s Travels tells the story of getting that dreaded call from the old Sunday School teacher, “Why don’t you come to Sunday School anymore?” D’Ma manged to get out of the conversation with some tact and grace, but DagoodS at Thoughts from a Sandwich talks about how wearing this becomes.

I got lucky, kinda. My church closed down about the time I was leaving the fold. (Not the it would matter much for an Episcopal church, where the motto is “You’re an atheist, but we’ve got doughnuts.”)

How did you cut ties to your old church?

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