Dear Readers,

I’ve got to ask. This has been bugging me for a while.

Why are so many of you coming here looking for Pastor Melissa Scott?

It’s not just that Lorette’s post, Pator Melissa Scott, Porn Star, is the fifth most popular post on the blog.

It’s just that every day, at least a dozen of you get here by googling “Pastor Melissa Scott.” It’s not overwhelming, but it’s constant.

The most popular search term that brings people here is “unreasonable faith,” not surprisingly. But if you add up all the permutations of “pastor melissa scott porn star” and combine them, they exceed “unreasonable faith” as the most popular term.


I don’t know what else to say, other than “Thank you, Lorette, for giving us such a popular post.” I’m not quite sure what you did, but it works.

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  • blotonthelandscape

    I’m glad I’ve been around on this website long enough to have seen this post and all the fallout. I must say, I miss the “I get email” interludes of men swearing undying love to her.

    • blotonthelandscape

      Also, beware, according to Google Insight, Interest in Pastor Melissa Scott has halved since the time of the article. If it’s one of your major traffic streams, you might want to consider diversifying your “porn pastor” profile.

  • BillZBub

    Now it’s going to get worse. :)

  • Custador

    So you’ve put up another back-link for the Google crawlers to find? Bad move, man.

  • UrsaMinor

    You know what they say. No publicity is bad publicity.

  • Noelle

    For me, a thread is dead once it falls off the front screen. But if you want traffic, mebbe you gotta give the people what they want.

  • Devysciple

    Oh, come on… isn’t this one obvious???

  • Brgulker

    Woman + Pastor + Porn star = Interesting.

    • Ty


      But really, X + X + Porn Star = interesting.

  • John C

    ‘I’m not quite sure what you did, but it works’.

    Its called slander, it salacious and in today’s dumbed down culture, like you said, unfortunately…it works.

    • Ty

      No it’s not. In writing, it’s libel. And if it actually were libelous, Pastor Scott could have sued someone.

      • John C

        Slander/libel, same thing, different mediums. Our writing ‘speaks’ (and sometimes even lies). She’s just being sensational, trying to make a name for herself and you fell for it Ty’ster!

        Ha, all the best man.

        • Ty

          They are not the same thing, as you would know if you weren’t an idiot. Stop pretending to be an expert on things you know nothing about. Which is, so far, every single thing you’ve ever expressed an opinion on.

          • John C

            One is character defamation through spoken words (slander) and the other is, again character defamation in written form (libel) which are still, in the end, the same thing. Whether you say it or write it, you’re still…saying it. Slanbel? ha

        • Bill

          Can we start calling John “All The Best?”

    • Sunny Day

      Wow not a single reference to god and you are still babbling bullshit.

    • Custador

      It’s the truth, John. Her ex husband (who was also the producer and distributor of her porn) is on record with it. I think he would know his own ex wife, don’t you?

      • John C

        That’s her ‘pre-Christ’ days Custy. You wouldn’t believe the pre-Christ John C stories I have for you, ha.

        ATB! (all the best).

        • Sunny Day

          This is whole thread demonstrates why I think you are a lyingpieceofshitwasteoftimeandspace.

          • John C

            I love you too man, thx.

            • Sunny Day

              Die in a fire shitbag, thx.

            • John C

              How long Sunny? How long will you be content to dwell in such a sad condition in your inner man? How long will you cooperate with your captors? When will you finally demand your release? Your unconditional release.

            • WarbVIII

              Get off the soap box already John C, when you bait Sunny, Sunny will respond. If you are such a man of god that follows christ’s teachings, should you not be the one to let go? Right now all you are proving is that you like to poke someone with a sharp stick,or one you think is sharp. In other words you are making her point for her and proving it repeatedly.

        • Nzo

          I don’t believe the stories or posts you present now…

        • Bill

          Believing in jebus doesn’t change facts from your pre jebus days.

        • WarbVIII

          So anything happening before being born again in Christ never happened? I seem to recall sins being forgiven but not the action or responsibility for said actions, otherwise we’d have to release over 3/4′s of those incarcerated in this country.

  • Brian M

    Fundamentally…John C is correct here. They are fundamentally the same thing.

    Now I am awaiting a breathless post on how the ineffable breath of the true Divine indwells in John C, preventing him from committing such a sin.

    Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice.

    • John C

      Very good Brian as ‘it is the spirit in a man, the breath of the Almighty, that gives him understanding’. (Job 32:8)

      Ha, all the best sir!

      • Transformed

        @ ATB> What do you mean by the above statement? I mean literally what do you mean?

        • John C

          @Transformed: While you’ve (for now anyways) cast your lot here amongst the self-titled ‘atheists’ your words, story, disappointments etc (and yes, I’ve been reading them) carry a distinctly different and more disillusioned tone (and rightly so with respect to ‘the establishment’, ie religiosity, church-type stuff, etc) compared to the more cynical and hardline tones usually offered up here. This is not to say that you don’t have serious doubts, questions, etc, you certainly do, its just that, to me anyways, you come across as more of a seeker-type, like you’re still hoping (however slightly) that the inward impressions/hopes etc that you’ve sensed in the past might still have some merit, might yet come true.

          I tell you the truth. Sitting out on the back deck with your friend and staring out into space while smoking (and not tobacco) is closer to a true spiritual experience than most ‘churches’ will ever come near in their dead religious pursuits.

          What does Job 32:8 mean? Is that what you’re asking me? If the Spirit were not already in us, we would not even long to know, to understand the mystery of our being, the mystery of all time as Paul puts in Col 1:27. Sometimes, what seems to be an end is, in reality, only the beginning of a new (and much better) adventure.

          All the best.

          • Custador

            “I tell you the truth. Sitting out on the back deck with your friend and staring out into space while smoking (and not tobacco) is closer to a true spiritual experience than most ‘churches’ will ever come near in their dead religious pursuits.”

            Ye GODS! I agree with John C about something!

            • UrsaMinor

              Now I’m afraid that the universe is broken.

            • John C

              I didn’t just pull deck story out of a hat, Transformer posted it a while back.

            • Transformed

              @ ATB I’m so glad that you have kept up. I remember you too.

              Regrettably you are spot on with your assessment. Holy shitballs do I ever wish that Christianity/ God/ my “higher calling” were all real concepts. As real as the stars on the back deck with my best friend. I’ve been “searching” my entire life for validation in these things.

              …..That would make it sooo much easier wouldn’t it?

              However this is what is meant by the terms ‘wishful thinking’ and ‘self -deception’.

              “If the Spirit were not already in us, we would not even long to know, to understand the mystery of our being, the mystery of all time”

              Can you expand on this? Is this something that you came up with? Is this something that was a “God inspired” notion? Is this something you learned in church? Is this supported by other sources? What were the actual original inscriptions, and what are their literal translations? And does that support your interpretation?

              Also to reword my original question: How is the ‘understanding’ or capacity to understand diminished in any way because he/she does not believe in Christianity? What sorts of understandings do Christians hold that a Muslim is incapable of otherwise? Or a Hindu? Or Buddhist? And when responding I want you to be as literal as possible.

            • Transformed

              BTW being mistaken for “Transformer” is a total compliment. Thanks!

            • Custador

              Be honest John, you love smoking the herb, don’t you? Actually, that would explain a hell of a lot…

            • John C

              Spiritual? Here is something ‘spirit-ual’ in nature. Its written and performed by an awesome ‘secular’ artist though, Ray Lamontagne. Now God is Spirit as JC pointed out (John 4:24) so how does this count as such? Because its origin is from the deep heart realm which is a metaphor for spirit, the deepest and truest aspect of our being. Its a simple, brief (~90 sec if I remember) instrumental piece. The sound quality isn’t the best but it will have to do in a pinch, enjoy!


  • WarbVIII

    I am at least honest I hate almost everyone equally( I hate Ronald R and Art Modell and John Elway more than is healthy and unequally).

  • Atron Seige

    I think the people from ThisIsIndexed has a similar problem : You Must Be Thinking Of Someone Else”

  • clint

    my question is — who still cares so much about her after all this time, seriously?
    apparently there are no other hot pastors to google

  • WarbVIII

    Don’t really look, but she is/was very noticeable and thus google worthy I guess…she was also the only one I ever noticed.

  • Tee

    The come for the porn and stay for the wonderful conversation? Maybe?

  • Clint

    Personally, I think she’s much hotter as a brunette…

    though I prefer her in the dog collar to the reverend’s collar.