… and we’re back!

Sorry about the downtime, folks. Daniel has been having problems finding a host what can handle the traffic we generate.

Thanks to Patheos for taking us in. We’ve lost a few videos here and there, but otherwise it was a smooth transition.

The forum is down, but it should be up again sometime next week. If you’re suffering withdrawal, feel free to use this as an open thread until the forum comes back up.

Daniel Fincke is Dual Blogging
An Exercise in Reading Comprehension
Foundation Beyond Belief in Oklahoma
Carnival with the Camel
  • Brian M

    Awesome! Glad to see it come back!

  • zach

    mannnn, glad yer back but i miss the old layout…i’m guessing this is just a temporary thing of course. i still feel a little cold inside :P

  • Noelle

    and I got so much more work done today. Time to stop that nonsense. My day is sadder without happy distraction

  • arrakis

    I suppose that needing to upgrade due to traffic is a good thing. Glad to have UF back…my day just got more enjoyable.

  • Revyloution

    Glad youre back! I also read Hemant Mehta’s blog. He made the switch to Patheos awhile back, and it seems to have been a good move. Ill update my bookmarks.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Justice Gustin

    There you all are. Been wondering if someone had pulled the plug on UF.

    It’s good to see that it still lives!

  • danielflorien

    Yeah I miss the old layout too… we’ll be making some changes over the next couple weeks. We have more restrictions here at Patheos but I think we can make something that everyone will be happy with.

    Thanks everyone for holding on for the bumpy ride. I think there are some exciting things ahead.

    • LRA

      Yay! Glad to see you Daniel! I miss ya sometimes! :D

  • dsdquilts

    Since this is an open thread I would like to tell about something that happened this week. I work in a hospital transfusion service and when we issue a unit of blood the person picking it up reads the patient and unit information aloud while I check to make sure all the paperwork matches. The unit number was 55XXXX666. When he got to the end of the unit number he said “66 and another one.” Do you think he is so superstitious that he could not even read the numbers 666 or could there be another reason for this behavior?

    • Nelly

      probably won’t go to the 13th floor of a building either ;)

  • http://scotteriology.wordpress.com Scott Bailey

    I like the advertisements for Liberty University in the sidebar! ;)

    • danielflorien

      Yeah… ;)

  • JonJon

    Speaking of number related non-sequiturs, I’ve heard that the royal marines never say the number 5 during a countdown, because it sounds too much like ‘fire’.

    I think numbers invite their own weird and habitual uses that, for any given person, have much more to do with where and how you learned to use them than with your particular numerological superstitions.

  • Len

    UF is back – it’s a miracle!

  • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com WMDKitty

    Ah, so this is where you all went!

    *updates bookmarks*

    • Justice Gustin

      My avatar misses your old avatar.

  • LRA

    So glad you are back! :D

  • Nelly


    I was feeling a fundy conspiracy coming on

  • Donna

    YAY! I was really missing UF….thanks!!!

  • Gordon

    Is there a new RSS feed?

  • dutchhobbit

    Can’t seem to be able to log in in my old UF account. Do I need to make a new one or something?

    • custador

      A number of accounts (including mine) got lost in the move, so it’s possible. Daniel restored mine for me, but if it’s going to be an issue that involves lots of people I would think it better to just sign up again.

      • dutchhobbit

        The strange thing is that I see my gravatar from the old site, yet when I ask for an email for password recovery, it says my account does not exist.

      • Daniel Florien

        We’re going to keep getting things fixed up over next week. Patheos’ tech guy is out until Monday and then we’ll get the forum up and the accounts (hopefully) restored.

  • John C

    I survived the move just fine, aren’t you glad? :)

    Whither thou goest, I goest too cuz Love, never shall It leave us or forsake us! L (loving) O (out) L (loud).

    • Custador

      Hello, John. Pleased that some accounts survived at least.

  • http://coultart.com/trevor Trevor

    Is there a setting somewhere to change the way the RSS feed works? I get the posts on Google Reader, and it no longer shows the whole post, only the first few lines. To read the rest I need to click through to the site. Extra clicks = les reading.

  • Nzo

    Looks like I got caught by spam_filter_01

  • http://fugodeus.com Nox

    I’m back y’all.

    Congratulations on the wedding. I hope that is going well, and that you have many happy years together.

    This was f*cking beautiful.

    I saw the “Where the f*ck is Nox?” thread. For reasons that are a little complicated to get into right now, I was not able to respond at the time. But I am quite sorry to have just dropped off like that. To those who noticed my disappearance and expressed wishes for my return, your words were a welcome comfort at a very uncomfortable time.

    It wasn’t my intention to worry anyone (or leave my blog on a cliffhanger for six months) (sorry Zach), and I had planned on returning much sooner. But there were some questions I needed to find answers to before I had anything to say to anyone (yeah I know that isn’t really an explanation, but the actual explanation is an excessively long story). Anyway, I’m back now and my kung fu is stronger than before. Will be updating FD soon (probably rewriting everything there as well), and if the forum is not up soon, I may have a few guest posts to submit.

    • Custador

      YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Nox is back!!!

      We miiissed yooouuuuu!!!

    • UrsaMinor

      Hi Nox, welcome back. I hope you’re not just softening us up before you break the news to us that your family had you kidnapped and deprogrammed and you’re back in the bosom of the Lord Jesus again.

  • JonJon

    Welcome back Nox. Can’t wait to hear your excessively long story. If you leave it lying around here or on your blog, I’ll read it. Glad you’re alive.

    • JonJon

      Apparently, I’m still posting too quickly… Is that going to keep happening?

      • Elemenope

        Happens to me about 50% of the time.

      • vorjack

        Daniel has notified Patheos. Unfortunately, I thank that’s the limit of what we can do from our end.

  • Nzo

    *taps foot*

    *checks watch*

    *checks calendar*

    We need a forum-agony thread until it’s up and running.