But What About the Care Bears?

On the long list of pop-culture shows that are really satanic, you can add the Smurfs and maybe My Little Pony …

… as well as Pokemon and Minecraft (wait … what?)

Thank you, Dorothy Spaulding and Watchman Broadcasting, for keeping track of all of that for us. I hope someone is keeping a database.

Hitler Can’t Help You
Dead Raiser
Being Agent Scully
  • FO

    I discovered and enjoyed immensely Spongebob Squarepants when it was accused to promote “gay values” to kids.
    As a general rule, if the fundies hate it, there must be something good about it.

    • thread_of_fire

      Two episodes of spongebob stand out to me. One where a “magic conch shell” is used to exhibit the absurdity of appeal to authority type stuff, and another episode where spongebob creates a “bubble buddy” which takes the idea of the imaginary friend far enough that it can be compared to beleif in god, and I think it even explores the problem of evil breifly.

  • Demo

    …but isn’t saying that anything that is remotely entertaining is “satanist” something fundamentalist Christians have been doing for centuries? these are the sort of people who literally picketed Shakespeare’s plays. Surely them saying something – anything – is evil, is a really good advert for it. If something is claimed by them to promote the same stuff as their ancestors said Shakespeare’s work promoted, I’m gonna go watch it. Off to watch My Little Pony now.

  • Alexis

    And if you have a problem with obesity, just lay on the hands and presto change-o…

  • Brian M

    How can there even be such a thing as a FEMALE “Prayer Minister”? Why doesn’t she go home and stay silent, as Paul instructs her to do?

    The confusion/hypocrisy/special pleading of fundies is just amazing/

    I also note the donation phone numbers are ALWAYS prominent.

    “He loves you…and He needs money.”

  • busterggi

    So who does watch the Watchmen Broadcasting?

    • Michael

      Evidently vorjack, I guess. He is Ozymandias.

  • http://theformula1.com thor

    i wonder how this ppl were able to survive ? because even a dog has more common sense and higher iq

  • Ross

    I’m gonna tell you that Smurfette really is Satanic because only the devil could be that hot.

    • UrsaMinor

      I dunno, blue skin doesn’t do much for me. I don’t think I’d date an Andorian either.

      • Michael


        • UrsaMinor

          Please, sir! I’m not racist, I’m hueist.

    • Konrad

      If I recall correctly Smurfette was created by Gargamel, using the great book of spells, as a way to trap the smurfs. Initially she had black hair but when she became good (I forget how) her hair became blonde.

  • ironflange

    So, this means there’s actually an “Oriental demon” named Squirtle?

  • gringa

    Apparently this is broadcast in the state I just moved to… awesome.

  • Anne

    Wow, just so much BS in one place makes your head hurt. I am convinced ‘Christians’ are against having fun as well.

  • Phil H

    The difficult part for me here is that I have so many friends who profess various levels of Christianity who would be horrified by these videos. I can’t help thinking that these people depicted here would be nuts in any case – they don’t need Christianity to drive them there, they’ve already arrived.

  • TrickQuestion

    Can we send them lists and have them tell us why they are satanic? i find this sort of idiocy highly amusing…

  • Zingerific

    Well, it’s obvious that the Smurfs are gay communist drug users of color.

    They are all men.* Their leader is a big ole queen who only wears red, and insists that everyone call him “Papa.” They live inside psychedelic mushrooms.

    *The only female, Smurfette, was an imposed upon them by the Capitalist Gargamel and his henchman Azreal.

    • Mike de Fleuriot

      *The only female, Smurfette, was an imposed upon them by the Capitalist Gargamel and his henchman Azreal

      And not to mention how satinic evil sound Azreal is. I am sure there must bet a demon with that name..

      • Devysciple

        You bet!

        • Brian M

          The Seventh Seal has to be my all time favorite artsy movie!

  • RavynG

    growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness everything was demonized. I was not allowed to have Lucky Charms cereal because he was a leprechaun and it had charms. And after playing a Pat Benatar album (in 1983) backwards that got smashed and exorcised to the trash too. Regularly had my dolls and stuffed toys burned in gruesome ways while saying prayers everytime I had a nightmare or misbehaved. Definitely no Smurfs, Trolls, unicorns, angels, crosses, guns, Christmas, birthdays, or anything bought at a yard sale.

    • kholdom0790

      No *angels*?

      And what’s up with yard sales?

      • UrsaMinor

        At a guess? It’s because you don’t want to risk picking up anything that’s been possessed by an evil spirit. You don’t know where those things have been.

        • RavynG

          yup Ursa. Never know if your neighbor might be a Satanist. Or worse–a Catholic! No angels because we would not want to worship them like a graven image or anything (the one in Revelation told John “Don’t do that!”)

          • gringa

            Catholics? Why only them and not other christians?

            • RavynG

              The Watchtower is particularly jealous of the Catholic Church, they believe she is the main part of Babylon The Great (all false religions, sic anyone NOT the Watchtower.) And she is riding the Wild Beast—the United nations. However this did not stop the Watchtower from secretly joining the UN as an NGO for over 10 years until they were outed by the British press. Now they deny it in the face of documentation from the UN! This has caused thousands of JWs to leave the Watchtower–because it is a huge piece of hypocrisy. Individual JWs have died to avoid governmental associations and here the Watchtower is secretly joined to the #1 enemy? BUSTED.

        • Len

          Exactly, because stuff bought in actual shops has never been near anyone who’s not a true believer (in whatever fairy story you subscribe to).

  • vasaroti

    You can get lots more of this sort of horse puckey right here:
    WARNING!! Turn off speakers before proceeding!

    “In DELIVERANCE, you should stay away from many things because of the ORIGIN. In the PAISLEY PRINT PATTERN, you have a connection with

    • T

      Oh wow. Thank you! I needed a good laugh.

  • Stony

    The RaptureReady crew claims my kid’s Bakugans are e-ville. They have a whole line of reasoning on that. If I were to tell my son any of it he’d just look at me like I had a snake on my head…he’ll tell you right out “it’s just a toy”. That makes him smarter than these nutters.

    Clearly these Xtians have never stepped barefooted on tiny little Legos hiding in the carpet. I like to call those Satan’s Little Toenail Clippings.

  • Sylvain Grenier

    All Hail Discord, Our Savior