Here We Go Again

Folks who paid attention to the predictions of Harold Camping may remember that he predicted that the rapture would occur in May, 2011, and the final end of this world would occur on October 21, 2011. When the first didn’t happen, he doubled down on the second. Well, it’s only ten days away and he’s holding firm:

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  • Sundog

    I am more amused by this moron’s followers. He’s so far batting 100% (all wrong) but they still lap up his BS.

    • UrsaMinor

      Yes, but it seems to be a curious (and fundamental) feature of these cults that no matter how demonstrably wrong their leader is shown to be, no matter how many times he is wrong, their faith in him is not shaken and their allegiance does not waver. What is the psychology behind this?

      • Francesco

        mainly stupidity

      • trj

        Dogged desperation. They have so much invested in their particular belief that in moments of doubt they will continue to cling to it, lest their lives unravel.

      • Len

        It adds to their feelings of persecution.

  • vasaroti

    Check, there may be a rapture party in your area. I found one in a historic tavern held by Drinking Skeptically.

    • Len

      That’ll be a great hangover the next morning.

  • Francesco

    impling I can go trolling rapture fanatics again?

    • UrsaMinor

      It’s not nice to make fun of the handicapped.

      • Francesco

        they’re not handicapped, they’re just idiots.

        • UrsaMinor

          Being an idiot is just about the worst handicap there is.

  • Lone Wolf

    I wander what will happen this time. Will the shock of bing wrong finally kill him? No he’ll just slink back to his home and roll around necked in all the money his fallows gave him.

  • Jess

    Come the rapture, can I have their cars?

    But seriously though, It’s incredibly sad that people (literally) buy into this. I think the psychology behind this, as usual, is extremely emotional people, who’s lives were not satisfying enough. Mr. Camping is playing a game, and he is winning. I hope this time, when it falls through again, people will finally wake up and get themselves out of that poison.

  • Jess

    By the way, May 21st is my birthday. You can imagine as an Atheist how much fun I had with this :)

    • Ty

      Mine was a couple days before. I kept thinking, “at least I have a few days to enjoy my presents before the world ends!”

    • Jess

      Hehe well you’re lucky for that! Half of my birthday wishes were “Happy Rapture!”. I’m the hardcore atheist in my social circles, so they definitely got a good laugh out of it. I WOULD be born on that day ;)

  • Mike Caton

    @Ursa Minor The answer of why people’s belief actually STRENGTHENS when there’s a failure like this is a psychological analog to evaporative cooling, except instead of average temperature, average it’s sanity that’s decreasing. The previous date came, the people in that movememtn with any sense at all jumped ship, and the remaining ones were not only even more deluded on average, they’re reinforcing each other with fewer of those of little faith around to calm them down.

    The previous rapture in May was just about the greatest thing ever for atheist groups. Seriously. Excellent parties and a huge spike in interest and new members. The fun game with these guys is predicting the excuse ahead of time. I think he’s going to say “Look, the time of tribulation has come, and now we’re in hell, because I saw a gay person today.”

  • rufus

    What strikes me as even funnier is that the idiots at Rapture Ready think they are more rational than Camping and his followers because they don’t set a date. They just use words like soon and imminent. Which could mean tomorrow or a thousand years from now.

    • Jess

      I completely agree. They’re no better than Camping and his clan.

      The even better part is that the rest of the Christians made fun of this guy and called him crazy because he put a date to the Rapture, and put up billboards quoting the bible passage saying that we won’t know when it will happen, saying things like “Well that was awkward.” Yet they still seem to think that something as ridiculous as the “rapture” is going to happen, and they think they are smarter and superior for quoting the bible. They just glide right over how utterly impossible/ridiculous the idea of the “Rapture” actually is.

  • Robster

    Oh Joy! Rapture take two. I can drag out the Madonna CD, get Glen Cambell’s “It’s only make Believe” on the record player and watch the neighbours wind up their business (again). They beauty of what this Camping person is doing is or must be very embarrasing to all those with the xian delusion. He’s a great example of stupid and those that follow him are no doubt feeling a wee bit silly too.

  • Kirk

    Hey all…I’m a christian who was brought to this site when I was looking up something about Rick Warren…I’m not here to condemn or bash anyone as I believe we are all entitled to our own beliefs. I’m a firm believer in intelligence and being equipped with knowledge but of course tying that in with my faith. With that said,I don’t believe in Mr. Camping’s ramblings and i’m bemused by what he is hoping to achieve considering the Bible speaks against what he’s doing. . I’m sure you might want to file this under your cliche section but its true, “not all of us are like him”…Oh well,I’m looking forward to the feedback. Have a great weekend everyone.

    • Bill

      Please report back when you’ve come up with something better than No True Scotsman.

    • Sunny Day

      Your bible backs up Rick Warren, its filled with characters who’ve received divinely inspired knowledge. Who are you to doubt it?

      • blotonthelandscape

        I think you meant “Harold Camping”, not “Rick Warren” (but him too).

        • Sunny Day

          my bad :(

    • Baconsbud

      Can you explain how you are different in your beliefs from him? You do believe in the rapture don’t you? If you do, what makes you any different then he is? All he has done is give a date for it otherwise it fits in with what many christians claim to believe.

    • blotonthelandscape

      Hi Kirk, welcome! We love intelligent christian input, so pile in and give it all you’ve got!

      That said, I think all of us here willingly acknowledge that “all christians aren’t like him”… indeed the majority aren’t like anyone else who professes to be a christian. Each one has a slightly different take on most subjects, heck, there are even a few who deny the divinity of christ!

      Generally, though, what Camping believes is theologically, traditionally, foundationally “christian”. From an atheistic perspective we have multiple concerns regarding religion. One is “What does it mean to be a [insert religion here]“, which you addressed with your response, and another, which I think this blog entry is more indicative of, is “what are the effects of religion on the behaviour of individuals and society”.

      Most of us here would acknowledge that some forms of christianity are innocuous, or even have a positive effect on the people who believe (we still deny the root claims), but that these forms tend to be of a more “private” (less evangelical) nature. Rick Warren’s brand of the religion does not fall under that category. Neither Does Harold Camping. And most of us come to conclusion that religion is a net bad for society, and that the “goods” acheived by the few are achievable and justifiable without belief in a god or gods.

      And just to pre-empt you, please don’t go down the whole “christianity is a religion” route. You will be opening yourself up to a shitstorm if you try that one here.

      • Sunny Day

        You mean “atheism is a religion” route?

        • Melody

          Or the “it’s not religion, it’s a relationship” cliche?

          • John C

            Its definitely not a religion (if you believe what Jesus, ie Christ Himself who IS Christ-ianity said that is) although many have tried to make it one and the results have been tragic. Relationship? Union would be a better word. All the best Miss Melody :)

            • Melody

              Perhaps, if you apply that in a mystic sense (which you do, obviously). I mean, you’re not gonna convince any atheists of that, but it works in the appropriate context. (Note: I’ve misunderstood many of your posts in the past, and as a mystic myself, I’ll try to be more thoughtful of them from now on.)

            • Jabster

              The context in which John C uses it is in “I don’t have to answer the question about why people do bad things in religion’s name if I just reclassify Christianity as not a religion even though it obviously is a religion.”

              Christianity is a religion and Christians don’t get to define the own meanings for words to suit their needs, see also defining the Christian god’s version of love as something totally different to our version of love.

            • Melody

              Fair enough. I tend to agree. But based on things I’ve learned very recently, I’m just trying to give him the benefit of a doubt. I’ve noticed that occasionally, he does try to make sense instead of getting super spiritual.

  • Rant In A-Minor

    So does anyone want to offer any suggestions for what excuses he’ll come up when he’s wrong this time? Last time it was, “no, there was a rapture, but it was more that we had been judged invisibly [how does he know this?] and the end of the world proper will begin on October 21st” …

    I reckon he’ll go with something like, “all the people that died today, all over the world, they’ve been raptured – and tomorrow, a similar number will also be raptured, and so on, and so on … donate to my cause you gullible morons … and so on, and so on …”

  • bogga

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