Spam Problems UPDATE

Hello, folks. A number of you have mentioned that you’re having problems commenting. There’s a reason for that.

We’re getting inundated with comment spam at the moment, with several new spam comments coming in every second. The system is catching these and throwing them into the pending file.

The problem is that there’s something screwy with the IP detection. The system is reporting that many of these spammers share IP addresses with legitimate commenters. I’m not sure what’s causing this, but it means that the system thinks that some of you are posting repeatedly, which is causing the “you’re posting too fast” message to pop up. It’s even happened to me, which makes little sense.

I don’t know if this is specific to us or if it’s Patheos-wide. Regardless, hopefully we’ll get a handle on it soon.

UPDATE: Daniel replaced the default spam filter with the old system we were using before we moved to Patheos. That made all the difference. Everything seems to be functioning now.

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  • ironflange


    This sentence is to make the comment long enough.

  • Elemenope

    And they’ve started spamming in French, which I feel crosses some sort of important, horrific line.

  • Custador

    I emptied 2,700 (ish) comments out of the pending tray this morning. First time I’ve ever had to change my settings to display 999 comments per page :-/

    We’re still receiving twelve or fifteen new spam comments per minute, though. Sadly this means that if you get caught in the filter, we’re unlikely to notice as we shovel through the reams of crap about Starbucks and Ugg Boots.

    • Custador

      And, what a shock, I just had to pass my own comment through the filter :-/

    • Daniel Florien

      Thanks Custador! Sorry for all the trouble, hopefully this is all sorted out now.

      • JohnMWhite

        Afraid not, still getting told to slow down.

  • Len

    OK, someone has to:

    It says I’m posting (my only comment) too quickly. Yay computers!