Amazing Optical Illusions!

Well I’ll be darned.


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Once you run out of ice giants ...
Atomism is Just a Theory
  • The Other Weirdo

    The odd thing is that for #3, I can’t see the woman at all. All I see is the well-dressed jaguar.

    • mikespeir

      Yeah, me, too; but I wasn’t going to admit it until somebody else did.

      • T

        Hehe…me too. I feel ashamed.

    • UrsaMinor

      Yup, nothing there but a jaguar. And I thought the spots were supposed to be such good camouflage, too. That cat would never fool anybody at a debutante ball.

  • Michael

    For those unfamiliar with the context of number 3, here is mathworld on it.

    Also the rabbit-duck illusion.

  • Matt P

    The jaguar is based on a famous optical illusion, as seen here: Promise not a goatse.

  • Jonathan M.S. Pearce

    I’m fairly sure that the whole comedic point of the piece is the fact that there is, indeed, only a jaguar to view…

    I had a case of laughing out loud. Genius!