Archie Over the Rainbow

One of my classmates in a Library Science course had paid some of her dues by working for Archie Comics, publishers of the various Archie comics and their spinoffs. She told me that the company was just as old fashioned and patriarchal as you’d expect of a company that has been mass producing comics about the same high school love triangle for the past sixty years. So I never, never expected to see this:

From Bleeding Cool: “This is the new cover to the upcoming Life With Archie #16, the comic which envisions possible futures for Archie characters. And this upcoming issue features the gay inter racial wedding of soldier Kevin Keller and his intended. On the cover. Of an Archie comic.”

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  • Joseph Bennett

    I’m a big comic fan, and I know a lot of other big comic fans, yet none of us knows a single person that has ever bought an Archie comic. (With the exception of the “Archie meets the Punisher” crossover. Yes, that is a real thing.) Somehow, though, Archie has remained one of the biggest and longest running names in comics. It boggles the mind how such a series can keep on living with seemingly no fans.

    But, I applaud them. Somehow they’ve done it and whatever magic they seem to be working with has worked for them so far and I wish them the best. I remember a while back when the news broke of them introducing a gay character as a major player. Hopefully, they keep up the good work.

    • SMFP

      Me either, but as you mention it, I’ll sure go buy this one.

  • looloolooweez

    re: Joseph Bennett

    I think the reason they’ve lasted so long is because the comics aren’t made for actual comic fans, they’re made for 12-year-old kids whose parents think it’s wholesome/cheap entertainment. I was one such sheltered child, and under the impression that ALL comics were like Archie (or Peanuts, Blondie, etc.) until a kind acquaintance disabused me of that notion in college.

  • UrsaMinor

    A gay wedding in an Archie comic? Things have changed a bit since I last read one, circa 1968.

    Truly, we are living in the End Times.

  • blotonthelandscape

    Am I missing something, or is one of them wearing a military jacket?

    A gay soldier marries his same-sex black partner.

    I think the writers are putting all of their eggs in one basket.

    In other news, the lack of forums has forced me to troll yahoo answers’ religion and spirituality section. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?

    • abeille

      I’m so sorry to hear that!

      I’d offer you some mental vicodin for that mental whiplash but it isn’t strong enough.

    • Revyloution

      Ooh! Trolling Yahoo Answers! Thanks for the tip!

      These forum outages have really come at a terrible time. My work is break neck speed from spring to fall. December is my time to rest, recoup, and argue on the internet. The lack of the UF forums is killing me. I just might end up buying Skyrim.

      • MahouSniper

        If this makes you buy Skyrim, then some good has come out of it after all!

        • Elemenope

          Skyrim kicks all kinds of ass. I’d be saying more if this were the forums. :)

          • JohnMWhite

            Also, much like Archie, Skyrim allows for gay weddings.

  • Yoav

    I hope some kind soul hand a copy to Pat Robertson, film is head exploding and post it on the intertubes for our entertainment.

  • Rob Jase

    Kindly notify me when Betty marries Veronica and the special honeymoon edition comes out.

  • Nathan

    Comics these days are for collectors. And this will fetch a big price in the future, and probably raise their bottom line, if only temporarily. I think it’s more about monetary gain than it is a political/social statement.

    • Rob Jase

      No. it won’t fetch a big price because thousands of people who aren’t collectors will but copies and save them and permanently glut the market.

      Remember Shazam back in the ’70′s? Howard the Duck? Its only the sleepers that can accrue value in a market that has largely crashed for everything post 1970 or so.