Nigeria’s Millionaire Preachers

Makes me sick.

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  • abeille

    To be fair, I think a case could be made that Jesus wasn’t exactly humble or destitute.

    • John C

      Actually, he was and is the meekest, most humble Man that ever live(s). He even made himself of ‘no reputation’ and had ‘no place to lay his head’ so yes, destitute, homeless, call it what you like, he was both.

      • elainek123

        No god or gods get used to it they were all made up to make money for those evil amongst us. I understand 30 million men women and children are inpoverty today.

        • John C

          Yes, Love…is.

      • JK

        Where do you get the idea that you know what kind of human being “Jesus” was? Did you see him and his deeds with your own eyes?
        I guess you are just imagining what he was like according to what you learned as a child and what you want him to be.

        • John C

          ‘Did you see him and his deeds with your own eyes?’

          Yes, everyday and so can you. Ephesians 5:13&14.

          • JK

            Thats BS and you know it.

          • JK

            And stop quoting a really unreliable source aka bible.

      • Paul Hoover

        So Jesus was part of the 99%? He needs to take a bath and get a job and stop promoting his liberal idea that I owe anything to anybody.

  • Nadia

    I have a personal experience with this being a Nigerian and also seeing first hand how this affected my life. My mother has a mental problem and they exploited that. She gave all her money believing god would give her a thousand fold in return, she ended up making us homeless and only just recently have I come out of that. Shameless self promotion here :) , but I also blog about my experiences with religion and homelessness. At

    Been a big fan and google reader subscriber for a while now. Thanks for writing

  • k3m15a

    Paying money to a human for “god’s” blessing seems to be widespread occurrence.
    Silly me cannot figure out why a perfect supreme being would ever need with my little pieces of of colored paper.


  • Michael

    I wonder how many of those pastors can get a camel to go through the eye of a needle.

  • Revyloution

    Why can’t these guys get a real job, posing as a prince who needs to transfer millions of dollars to your private bank account, like the rest of the Nigerians?

  • John C

    Looks like some parts of the ‘American Go$pel’ have reached as far as Nigeria, sadly.

  • Albert

    Where’s Nigera?

    • Daniel Florien

      Oops ;)