For those who find The View too intellectual, there’s now a new talk show featuring four conservative women. The idea of a show with four conservative women isn’t so bad, but it drops off the charts when you realize that one of them is Victoria Jackson.

I remember seeing Victoria Jackson interviewed out of character in her SNL days. I remember her as a fairly good comic, although she really only had the one “ditzy blonde” character. Now she seems to be doing that character all the time. I don’t understand what she’s trying to accomplish.

Along with Jackson are “pro-life speaker and activist Jennique Stewart, editor and activist Jennie Jones and Ann-Marie Murrell, columnist and host of The Patriot Update video show.”

Anyway, today’s challenge it to see how much of this you can sit through. In this first clip, they go full birther.


In this clip, Jackson sings a … I can’t call it a song, that would besmirch the whole notion of music and the doctor told me no smirching until the stitches come out. How about “Jackson does something painful with a guitar and her voice.” They then go on to talk about gay marriage, liberals, Muslims and the rest of the conservative hit list.


  • http://afrolatinoatheist.tumblr.com dantresomi

    Is this a parody? I know you said Victoria Jackson was still in character, but geez. I lost about 100 brain cells after watching this.

    While everyone is surfing the net about Obama’s origins, they could have read his autobio.

  • RJ

    RE: “I don’t understand what she’s trying to accomplish.”

    If Victoria Jackson is subtly spoofing Religious Righters, it’s actually brilliant. And because the Religious Righters have embraced her as one of their own and the rest of us are trying to figure out if she’s actually serious or not, it’s got to be one of the best examples of “Poe’s Law” I’ve ever witnessed.

  • T

    Please say this is fake. I only made it through about two and a half minutes. Do the non-blonde women ever get a chance to speak? They seemed to be the slightly intelligent ones in the group, so I’m assuming not. And by slightly intelligent, I guess I mean that they at least knew what a mosque was.

  • cnocspeireag

    RJ, wouldn’t it be delicious if this is a Poe, and the birthers/fundies/morons don’t realize? Even so, it’s very heavy handed and I managed less than two minutes. I marvel at T’s fortitude.

  • Badger3k

    Sadly, no….Victoria Jackson went off the rails a while back, and has (if memory serves) even written (if you can call it that) for WorldNutDaily – probably more birther nonsense. She’s not just a few bricks short of a load, she’s missing half the truck!

    • RJ

      @cnocspeireag, Badger3k

      I guess it just seems too cliche for me, and when combined with the voice and uber-airheaded demeanor, I can’t quite accept—yet—that it’s not a brilliant act that she’s been putting out there and will eventually reveal it as such.

      There was a girl on YouTube a while back that had her own channel (tamtampamela, I believe it was) and was constantly posting the most idiotic fundementalist musings (like for instance deadpanning into the camera “If god doesn’t exist, then who wrote the bible, hmmm?”). Eventually she finally went too far and posted something about the Japanese tsunami that went so viral and pissed so many people off she was getting death threats and some cyber-thugs had even dug up her home address and posted it, blah, blah, blah and so she finally came clean and admitted her many videos were spoofs. But I have to admit it was reeeeally hard to tell and she suckered in many of the most savvy. So I’m now always very skeptical if someone seems just a little too over the top. Especially a former comedian.

    • whenwillthisnightmareend

      This woman is not a few bricks shy of a load; she is a load! I can’t believe that anyone can be so proud of trumpeting their ignorance that they would seriously produce a travesty like this. The average person would say this must be a parody. the problem is that it is not. This is teabag conversation. I believe their first guest will be Glenn Beck.

  • Len

    Wow. My brain fell out watching that. I made it through 5 minutes 16 seconds of the first one (OK – that includes getting up and getting a beer while the vid played on). I hope it’s a poe. The lady on the left looked like she had almost worked that out in the second vid, but she didn’t say anything for the 1 minute 55 seconds that I could stand to watch.

  • Iason Ouabache

    The idea of a show with four conservative women isn’t so bad…

    Really? Have you tried listening to four conservatives at the same time before?

  • Yoav

    Can skepchick sue them for copyrights infringement?
    The second video is a gem, I didn’t know muslins can legally behead their wives in Oklahoma. The stupid, It burrrrns.

  • Vern Rutter

    It’s a ukelele. It’s played by marginal-musicians (like Ms. Jackson) in lieu of an actual musical instrument (like a guitar).

    Regardless of intention, brilliant parody.

  • http://www.NoYourGod.com NoYourGod

    Holy…fundie….shit….. If VJ wasn’t in these clips I’d swear someone was trying to pull our legs (and not in a good way)

  • Lana

    Sorry, I only got about 1:40 in, and I had to stop. Also, Victoria Jackson’s presence and the utterly ridiculous content? If you hadn’t linked to it and given the background info of what this was, I would swear up and down this is a parody video satirizing the stupidity of conservative pundits. Are you absolutely sure it’s not?

    • TrickQuestion
      • RJ

        Posting other clips of her doing the same shtick isn’t necessarily evidence that she’s not spoofing. It could easily be her comedic “hook” right now, presenting herself as such a fundy cliche. I’m just taking into account the fact that she’s a comedian, the unabashed airheadedness, not the slightest hint of effort to sound reasonably intelligent—it all seems so contrived. In the first clip you posted, she actually said “Yeah! Fox News! The only news that reports the truth!” Sounded too much like something an atheist would say in sarcasm that would only be obvious to other atheists.

        • TrickQuestion

          So what would you need to be convinced, besides her saying it was an act she’s been doing for several years now? And could we even believe her when she says that?
          hey, maybe Dennis Miller is just an act too. Maybe everyone at Fox is just acting. Such a brilliant parody of politics.

        • http://cranialhyperossification.blogspot.com GDad

          When I was in high school, I was friends with a lot of people that proclaimed very socially conservative beliefs. I must have been a bit thick, because I always thought that my friends were all subtly mocking the positions by espousing them the way they did.

          Now I find, 25 years later via Facebook, that most of those people really did believe what they said, or at least are still playing the Long Game by continuing to say the most abhorrent things.

          Maybe I’m just too timid to hold onto a joke for 25 years.

  • Rioroach

    I’m very sorry to report that this is not a parody. Victoria Jackson has gone even further over the edge than her former co-cast member Dennis Miller. BTW, her parents are also completely nuts. It really is very telling that she doesn’t even see the irony in her father’s comment: “We’re lucky that most Muslims are lukewarm or we’d all be dead”, and the other blond woman saying “If the bible told me to kill people, then my religion would not be a religion of peace either.” Apparently she hasn’t read the bible she’s defending. I say we’re lucky most CHRISTIANS are lukewarm or we’d all be dead.

  • http://www.sacredmisfit.com Sarah

    OMG. I can’t. take. it. All terrorists are Muslims??!?!?!? WHA?!?!?

    • UrsaMinor

      Of course. Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist, therefore he was a secret Muslim, Q.E.D., and the theorem is proved. Don’t they teach Pretzel Logic 101 in the schools anymore?

    • Johan

      Yeah. Northern Ireland? Muslim vs Muslim of course. The FLQ in Canada? Must’ve been Muslim.

  • ironflange

    Who else thinks they got all those books by digging through Goodwill and Sally Ann bins?

    • TrickQuestion

      They probably raided model homes and took the cardboard ones they put on bookshelves as props.

  • drax

    This really pisses me off!!! William Ayers said I was his best friend!

    Seriously this is a disaster in the making. I know stupidity is rampant in America, but this can’t help the conservative or Christian causes. “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims, that’s just a fact”. Wow, just wow. You could see the other women cringing from Victoria Jackson’s idiotic comments, and the moments of uncomfortable silence were all over the place.

    I’m off to go find the smiley on the birth certificate.

  • Nick

    Sweet Tap Dancing Jesus.

    I did finish the first video, but I could only make it through 1:05 of the second one. What really did me in was the first woman who said “…figuring things out – in a conservative way.”

    I don’t watch SNL, so I haven’t seen her comedy stuff. Regardless, I can’t accept that she isn’t pulling an extreme Colbert.

  • phillyrp314

    Where’s Toonces when you need him? sigh…

  • http://arkonbey.blogspot.com Arkonbey

    It’s very sad now, but back when she was on SNL and in UHF, I had a minor crush on Victoria.

    She was cute then but now, she’s a big ‘ol sack of crazy.

  • http://nutsanddicks.blogspot.com Doug DeLong

    You’re right – a show with four conservative women who real insights to share might be interesting, but throwing Crazy Vicky into the mix is like pissing in the punch bowl. (Click my name to read my review of PolitiChicks)

    Here’s something that I’d pay to see, though – a debate between Victoria Jackson and her fellow SNL alumnus, Julia Sweeney. VJ sings a rather mean-spirited and obnoxious song about Sweeney called “The Atheist” on YouTube, but I’m pretty sure that the intelligent and charming Sweeney would make mincemeat of Crazy Vicky if they were to go head-to-head on the subject of God and religion. It would be fun to see…

  • Jen

    They really don’t realize that THEY are hateful… that’s whats really terrifying.

  • StarStuff

    I wonder if that anti-feminist Rios has ever thought to shut up, get off tv & go obey her husband. Who told her she could leave the kitchen? /snark Doesn’t she realize that she’s benefited from decades of feminism?

    A quick google search shows nothing about Bruce Rather outside Sandy Rios’ wiki. Does he even really exist? He’s supposedly a lawyer in Chicago. You’d think his firm, his or as a partner would get a hit or 2. Nada. I mean, at her age, she really needs a man so it’s not out of the question that she could have made him up.

    Leave the show on, let them bloviate and we’ll continue have something to laugh at.

  • StarStuff

    oopsie, I was reading elsewhere about Rios. The post certainly applies to those nutcases though.