Robot Walks On Its Own

Another step towards creating our overlords…

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Dead Raiser
  • Francesco

    And so it will begin the war between the Lego & the Robots

  • mikespeir

    No motor? Then I want to know what’s making the treadmill go round and round and round. And what’s the big deal about going downhill? Snowballs figured out how to do that ages ago. Call me back when the thing will walk uphill without a motor.

    • JK

      You didn’t watch the whole video as it seems ^^.

      There might be an application for ppl having problems walking, e.g. for ppl with imbalance.

  • Justice Gustin

    Looks like simple geometry to me, but it is something else to do with a treadmill besides just hanging clothes on it.

    How about a Slinky on a treadmill?

    Legos rule!

  • Len

    Call me when they build one that can do this one treadmill:

  • Jer

    Just what I need: a set of golf clubs that will wander away if I set it down on a slope.