Science vs Faith Flowchart

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    “Hey guys, did you hear about that new internet thing?”

  • vasaroti

    An observation: There are a lot of people born before 1965 who do not understand flow charts, or even venn diagrams.

    • Elemenope

      But most of the funniest jokes on the Internet come in flowchart and/or Venn diagram form! How do such people get any joy out of life?

  • This love

    A common justification for the materialistic understanding of science is that the introduction of intelligent causes is a “science stopper”. When dealing with a hard scientific issue, people would simply say “God did it” and quit. Thereby, scientific explanations are eliminated and previous scientific achievements are disparaged. “The Science stopper” arguments fails for at least four reasons. First Western science proceeded very well without methodological or philosophical materialism. Sir Isaan Newton was a theist who explained his laws of physics according to design. The metaphysic of Western culture was generally theistic, not naturalistic. Second, Intelligent Design(God as a Creator) is not advocating the direct intervention of intelligent causes in the orderly operations of chemistry or biology or physics. Mind was offered as the best explanation for the original constitution of our finely tuned universe. Science is not imperiled by a God who monkeys with regularities. Christian theism affirms a God who insures the rational and regular patterns of nature, not randomness based on divine caprice. The search for intelligent causes is alive and well in many areas of science outside of biology, such as archaeology, cryptography and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Intelligent design extends this design inference into biology.

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    This was far too verbose for an individual as intoxicated as myself to understand the exact nature of your point presently.

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    As a joke, the flow charts are about as funny as porridge. As a contribution towards philosophy and science, the charts are just dumb.

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      As a joke, your post is about as funny as porridge. As a contribution towards philosophy and science, your post is just dumb.

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        Beat me to it.