Science vs Religion Sudoku

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All Cycles Come to an End
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Atomism is Just a Theory
  • cnocspeireag

    Superb! Probably only appreciated fully by Sudoku addicts. Btw, I much prefer the ‘killer’ variant.

    • thread_of_fire

      ‘killer’ variant?

      • cnocspeireag

        ‘Killer’ sudoku (how do they choose these names?) doesn’t have any specified number in each cell, but gives the sum of the numbers in groups of cells. It’s more satisfying, somehow.

  • Len

    That only took me 5 minutes (including having a beer).

    Very good analogy for the god of the gaps.

  • Francesco

    Sudoko cannot possibly stand against the mighty of crossword puzzle!

    • vasaroti

      Right you are, Sir! At the end of a crossword puzzle I may have learned that Gryla is Iceland’s most famous she-troll, while sudoku just results in a pile of digits.