Scientologists Can’t Rap Either

We’ve made fun of painfully bad Christian rap on this blog several times. In the interest of fairness, here’s a painfully bad Scientology rap.

Via Joe.My.God.

Atheist Dog Tricks
Hitler Can't Help You
They Will Burn!
  • Anke Holst

    Would you like some unimaginably crap Hare Krishna raps? IN GERMAN?

  • FO

    Do we have atheist rap? oO

    • Justice Gustin
    • blotonthelandscape

      Plenty. Unfortunately, “atheist wrap” turns up no relevant results on google. Christmas-present-covering idea out the window…

  • UrsaMinor

    That was considerably less painful than any of William Tapley’s music videos.

  • Mark Eagleton

    I don’t know, I think Beck raps pretty good.

  • Michael

    There’s no talent to be seen, and the lyrics suck, but at least they made a serious effort to produce a decent rap and seemed to have some clue of what that involved.

  • joe

    As long as they are having fun. I think they did this to motivate them not us.

  • Nick

    Please let me suggest As Tall As Lions. In particular the song “In Case of Rapture.” Is it rap? No. Is it good music? Yes.

  • Leland Somers

    Did you notice they’re all WHITE???? I’m not a rap fan but there is only one white boy I’ve ever seen who can really do rap. I wonder if the aliens they are waiting for will like rap? Dumb ass religion.

  • Rioroach

    This scares the shit out of me!

  • RickRay1

    I hate “rap”. I used to call it “rat music” because I wanted to swing it by the tail and toss it into the fireplace. Personally, all religions should be “wrapped until they suffocate.”