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  • Jabster

    That ever so convincing argument for why Christianity must be the one true religion … only it provides an answer to a ‘problem’ it invented.

  • RickRay1

    Christianity gives you the disease and is still trying to sell you the cure ! Weird how people can’t understand that.

  • Yoav

    It’s your standard protection racket, the local gang threat to burn down your place and then offer to protect you from the threats, for a fee.

  • Baluba

    It’s missing: “Sold for non-imaginary cash”.

  • vasaroti

    Great line. A bit easier to understand that the Greville/Hitchens line “Created sick, commanded to be well.”

  • Derek

    Im sorry for all you guys when the rapture happens. Ya know there is a reason why the bible is the number one sold book in the world, There is a reason why 95% of people beleive in a god. hmm maybe it could just be as simple as there is a god. Read the old testment that is the isreal’s history, then look up the Dead Sea Scroll’s that simple. “Takes a mustard seed of faith”, Unlike the boat loads you need as a athesist.

    • Sunny Day

      Rapture happens – If only twits haven’t been saying that for the last 2000 years it would hold more impact.
      95% – Citation Needed, or just another ignorant Christer.
      Isreal’s History – The bible is not a history book.
      Mustard Seed – THis is a test your bible fails. All we want is for you to show the evidence.

      • Rich

        You will never get the evidence, Sunny Day.
        Because if you got the evidence you would have no choice other than to believe.
        It is faith that is required in order to escape the wrath to come.

        • Sunny Day

          Interesting, tell me more things of what your god can’t do.

          • Rich

            Can’t do!! The only thing my God can’t do is to accept those who continue to pour scorn on Him, although He is ready to pour His mercy and grace on them the very moment they turn from their sin and believe in the One He has sent – Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world.
            Turn your focus onto what God CAN do; bring hope to the hopeless, health to the diseased in mind , body and spirit, and give the promise of eternal life without the pain we all experience in this messed-up world. :0)

            • Sunny Day

              Right, so your god can’t provide evidence of it’s existence. He can’t correct it’s mistakes. He can’t forgive people either. He can’t communicate its desires clearly and he can’t heal amputees. He also can’t provide eternal life until you are dead.

              Are you sure you’re worshiping an actual god?

            • Rich

              @Sunny Day. You are wrong on all counts.

            • Nzo

              @Rich : Prove Sunny wrong then.

            • Rich

              @Nzo. Reference my earlier comment to Sunny day.
              You will never get the kind of proof and evidence which negates the need for faith.
              But there is the kind of evidence that screams out “there is a God!!”
              To respond to Sunny Day’s points while he’s (presumably) sleeeping:
              1. Evidence of God’s existence – human beings, made in God’s image.
              2.There are no mistakes to correct.
              3.He communicates his desires perfectly clearly through the Bible, and where people do not have the Bible he uses other means such as dreams and visions.
              4. He can heal amputees – but what you are really saying is that unless you see an amputee grow a new pair of legs you will not believe.
              5. He provides eternal life already before death, to anybody and everybody. Eternal life in the kingdom of God begins when you become a christian.

            • Devysciple

              “But there is the kind of evidence that screams out “there is a God!!”
              You mean that kind of evidence that comments on an atheist website, is called Rich, and screams out “there is a God!!”???

              Regarding your other proofs:
              1. There is insufficient evidence to show that humans were ‘made’, let alone in the image of (whatever that means) of a higher being. It is rather self contradictory: The higher being is described as omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent, while we puny humans are none of that. Oh, and it’s creation has failed it so much it first needed to almost wipe them out, and then send its only son to attone for the sins it did not prevent from coming in to the world in the first place…
              2. That is actually true, since an entity that does not exist cannot make mistakes.
              3. Okay, so your perfect being uses a book that is two millennia old, full of contradictions, or ‘dreams and visions’. Why doesn’t it use e-mail, or fiery letters on the walls, something a bit more flashy, and modern, and tangible?
              4. Well, to prove that a god can heal amputees, it would be really helpful to show that ability. I, on the other hand, have a huge book that tells me that a towel is a handy thing to have while travelling through space…
              5. That’s not even semantics, that’s just horse manure!

            • Sunny Day

              “@Sunny Day. You are wrong on all counts”

              Your bible shows that I am correct, read it sometime.

          • Nox

            Unless he actually heals an actual amputee, we have only your word that he can.

            This would be insufficient evidence even if you had not already shown yourself to be dishonest.

            • Rich

              I dont personally know any amputees whose legs have grown back by the power of God.
              But I dont doubt for one second He can do it.
              After all He made the whole world in an instant, and has been sustaining it for thousands of years.
              But what about the attitude of this guy, with no legs and no arms!!

            • Custador

              “I dont personally know any amputees whose legs have grown back by the power of God. But I dont doubt for one second He can do it.”

              Then you completely lack any capacity for critical thinking.

              “After all He made the whole world in an instant, and has been sustaining it for thousands of years.”

              Bullshit. The world wasn’t created in an instant, and it hasn’t required any supernatural intervention to “sustain” it.

              “But what about the attitude of this guy, with no legs and no arms!!”

              What about it? God so loved his Creations that he gave them Thelidamide so that an eight year old would want to kill himself (and might have done it if only he’d had at least one arm)? What, because God wanted him to have some high-quality, character-building incredible suffering and misery? You are so incredibly full of crap, Rich.

        • Michael

          Why does your god reward people for making irresponsible, irrational decisions based on speculation, ancient tales, and fuzzy feelings?

          More importantly, why does he condemn those who don’t to eternal torture?

          And don’t tell me it’s because he “has to,” because not only does that contradict the doctrine of omnipotence, it is also avoids the question as it doesn’t explain why it needs to be that way.

        • Rant In A-Minor

          Could you tell me why your god waits until after a paedophile has died to punish him, rather than, you know preventing him from raping children in the first place? Is it because your god likes children to be raped that he refuses to intervene?

    • Len

      Wasn’t the rapture like two-three weeks ago? It wasn’t so bad.

  • Derek

    Well i start with saying that god made time. So he is not in time, he controls It in the bible it says that a second for him feels like years for us. And The old testmant is Isreals History, Even your Athesist Scholar would tell you that. What more cold hard facts you need than the world around you. Do you acutally think that are world started from a pond of chemicals? If so were did the chemicals come from? Have you heard of the saying ” I dont have enough faith to be a athesist”? WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!?!?!?

    • Custador

      Did… Did this idiot just seriously claim that the OT is “history”?! Oh, Derek… Do yourself a favour before you sit down at your keyboard again: Learn the difference between “history” and “mythology”.

      • Jabster

        As we have no forum I’ll just state it here … who’s ‘Larry’ on Facebook and why is he using a picture of me?

        • Justice Gustin

          He looks like your evil twin.

          • Len

            Having read some of Jabster’s comments, the FB guy might just be the good twin.

            • Jabster


              Cheeky fecker … :-)

            • Len

              @Jabster: I’m kind of in the same boat. There’s a guy called Len on FB who likes UF. It’s not me (obviously I like UF, but I’m not on FB) – I just see his pic in the list of people on FB who like UF.

      • drax

        I’d be happier if Derek could learn the difference between our and are, their and there, punctuation, etc…. I don’t want to be the grammar police, but I have an increasing aversion to the very poorly written.

        If it’s an ESL issue, my apologies and congratulations.

        • kholdom0790

          I’d be happier if, despite the mistreatment of the English language, Derek had a few rational thoughts of his own. However, based on past experience I’d say we’re going to be disappointed on that count.

    • Jabster

      “So he is not in time, he controls It in the bible it says that a second for him feels like years for us.

      How can a second feel like anything to him when you’ve already stated that he’s not in time?

      • UrsaMinor

        Damn your logic, Jabster! Now you’ve probably gone and ‘sploded Derek’s head.

        • Jabster

          Brign back JonJon and brgulker is what I say … would they state anything as daft as this – I think not.

      • kholdom0790

        If he can’t use the nesting reply system thingy he probably won’t see this. Unfortunate.

    • trj

      in the bible it says that a second for him feels like years for us.

      Oh dear, you can’t even quote your own Bible correctly. Previously you claimed God didn’t order the massacres in Judges, and now you claim that the Dead Sea scrolls are the authentic Bible.

      Derek, it’s obvious you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. It’s also obvious that you never actually read the Bible. Which makes you your own worst enemy in any debate with atheists. Consider educating yourself on Christianity and, well, just about everything else, ’cause you’re embarassing yourself.

    • Devysciple

      I hereby declare your assertion that ‘god made time’ to be an EPIC FAIL!
      Why? Easy! Because if god supposedly created time, there would be nothing. For any entity (god or otherwise) to be able to create something, there needs to be time. Otherwise, there can be no cause and effect, or in this case, no wish to create and creation. So either your ‘God’ is subject to natural laws – maybe not the same as we are, but definitely laws it cannot circumvent – or he does not exist. Which one is it, Derek?

  • Derek

    P.S you forgot to leave out yout argument about the dead sea Scroll’s. That is the authentic bible. How is prove for you?

    • Darwin

      I’m going to go with Isis on this one.
      Now please take your ‘historical proof’ and shove it up your arse.

    • Custador

      You don’t actually have the first clue what’s in the Dead Sea Scrolls, do you? Don’t answer that, it’s already obvious from what you’re typing. Derek, you’re very entertaining and all, but I think you’re going to have to accept that fact that you’re very much out of your depth and among people who know an awful lot more than you do. Go and learn the subject you’re trying to argue about, and then come back if you still want to argue.

  • Derek

    You guys make me happy from the perscutions. Thanks its clear im doin my job! Bring on the hate. It wont be so funny when your under gods wrath beggin for mercy!

    • Sunny Day

      Persecution complex – Check.
      Horrific revenge fantasies – Check.

      We’re on our way to a godbot bingo.

    • Sunny Day

      Complete inability to use the reply feature – Check.

    • trj

      Well, getting a fundie to feel persecuted usually doesn’t take more than disagreeing with him. So it’s hardly an achievement.

    • kholdom0790

      Yeah, atheists are the immoral ones.

      (since you’re incredibly dense)

    • Len

      under gods wrath beggin for mercy

      Is that a lolcat caption?

    • Devysciple

      Derek, you should really know that vanity/pride does not score you bonus points with your imaginary skydaddy, y’know.