Smart Little Guy

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Atheist Dog Tricks
Evidence Against Evolution
  • Alex

    “Test everything. Hold on to the truth.”

    • Elemenope

      1 Thessalonians 5:21

      Of course, this immediately follows “Do not scoff at prophecies”, so its utility as a starting point for some sort of Christian skepticism is a bit undercut.

      • sean mckinnley

        i think that you’re forgetting that the whole point of the bible is to pick and choose which parts best suite your personal beliefs and ignore all other parts of it and discredit those parts by saying that they weren’t meant “literally,” unlike that specific part that you want to point out which is most certainly without a doubt supposed to be taken literally.
        isn’t it great how one book can represent every single viewpoint one could possibly have?

  • Robster

    It is amazing that there really are people older than 6 who believe in the childish religious nonsense touted by Faith inc. and its subsidieries. This is a good kid.

  • del

    So he figured it out. So what? That’s one! Doesn’t prove a thing. He could be a total idiot otherwise.

    • UrsaMinor

      He’s figured out how to answer questions by conducting appropriate experiments. I’d say he’s in very little danger of turning out to be an idiot.

    • Robert

      You don’t seem to give this child much creditHow come? Is he smarter than you?

  • Noelle

    Cute. My kids consider losing their teeth to a freaky fairy as a viable source of income. I only give them a quarter. My son will never care where it comes from. My daughter would rather go the badger mom with questions route. I like this kid’s style.

  • sean mckinnley

    you can’t prove the toothfairy doesn’t exist and if you do think that she’s not real then you’re clearly a close minded person!

    also she likes to use dove bath soap
    and she drives a 96 honda civic
    and she also lives inside of the failed fukushima nuclear reactor

    you can’t disprove all of that stuff so clearly it’s true, end of story

  • Gwiwer

    I pulled the same exact thing on my mother. I lost a tooth and decided to try and put it under my pillow without telling her. Naturally, it didn’t work out. I confronted my mother the next day and she told me the tooth fairy was just busy or something and I should try again that night. Of course, I awoke the next morning to find a dollar bill and a note in place of the tooth. The note was an apology from the tooth fairy explaining she’d made a mistake and apologizing for the misunderstanding. I had to give my mother credit for being persistent, but the jig was still up. I knew enough to keep playing along though. I had a few good teeth still left in my mouth waiting to come out and I certainly was going to make sure they were still redeemable for cash when they did.

  • Faith+1

    As a truly devious parent and a smartass to boot I would have waited until he went to sleep again that night, put all his baby teeth back under the pillow along with a bill for all the money paid out. That way he could learn that you can question authority, do research, learn the truth, and then get your ass kicked….like real life.