The Truth Behind the Lost Ark

You Can't Keep a Bad Man Down
Bob Cargill on the Holy Grail
Atheists in the Evangelical Mind
Jesus was is a Muslim
  • Revyloution

    Ugh. Too much sensationalism and guesswork, not enough history or science.

    Historians can’t even decide if Moses was a real person, or a made up character. It’s like trying to decide where Paul Bunyan left his luggage.

    • Revyloution

      Oh, and where’s my forums! Occupy Patheos! We are the 68 and two thirds percent!

      • blotonthelandscape

        That made me chortle.

      • Darwin

        Yeah, we need the forums. I wanted to start a thread about the fact that my very clusterf**k of a country, Pakistan, is banning objectionable words from being texted:

        • Darwin

          *very own

        • cnocspeireag

          Pakistan should worry. Our editor here has chosen to publicize a site which the uploader has totally censored in my country (UK).
          The more we tolerate this sort of thing, the more it will go on.

      • vasaroti

        Yep. We need to talk about how Steve Jobs’ sister described his last hours of life into something like a “tunnel of light” experience.

  • Mogg

    Oh noes! I’ll never know the truth because it’s unavailable in my country!

  • Retiredbiker

    What a crock! Nat. Geog. is now pandering to the ignorant and deluded to make a buck.

    • Nox

      Since discovering who owns NatGeoTV (hint: it isn’t the National Geographic Society) (another hint: it’s Rupert Murdoch) I am no longer surprised to see this kind of schlock being passed off as journalism under the once venerable banner of the little yellow square.

      • UrsaMinor

        That explains so much.

        Seems to me that every last one of the formerly educational channels have gone over to the Dark Side. I used to loved the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, etc., but now their programming just makes me want to scream and throw heavy objects at the screen. Mythbusters is the only oasis in that desert.

        • Michael

          Nova is still consistently good.

          But yeah all the private channels went to shit.

          • Nox

            Did anyone here catch the recent South Park episode “A History Channel Thanksgiving”?

  • Rayceeya

    Entertaining, somewhat interesting but light on any real facts or information. A bit like the Da Vinci Code.

    • Ericki

      Lol, My thoughts too. Did Dan Brown write this crap?

  • RickRay1

    It seems the BBC and sane fellows like David Attenborough are the only ones we can take seriously! No matter how “dark-sided” the science programs have become they still have a lot to teach us. Morgan Freeman is also one of my favorite narrators of science documentaries. Knowledge is power! I mean, look how the Republicans in the U.S. want to “bless” the U.S. of A. with a theocratic gov’t. I guess to them, “myths” are power!

  • The Realhawkman

    If your “theocratic government” equates to a government run by a divinity or church, then you need to reeducate yourself on what that exactly means. First, Republicans in the US don’t want to run the government as a theocracy. They do believe that all should have the right to their beliefs without infringing on the beliefs of others. A concept alien to many around the world and unfortunately, many in the US; a country founded on religious freedom. Not religion dictated to you by others. The US in not a theocracy. It is a Republic. Anyone who does not understand that simple principle should enlighten themselves before making statements of a general nature. Sounds just like a US Democrat otherwise.

    • Doubting Thomas

      He said they want to bless us with theocracy, not that they have. And from all indications, that is exactly what they want to do. But you are correct they are for religious freedom. You can be any flavor of Christian you want to be.