Another Non-News Story

Greg Davis was elected the Republican mayor of Southaven, Mississippi, on a platform of “family values.”

Someone should have started a stopwatch.

GOP ‘family values’ mayor admits he’s gay

A Republican mayor in Mississippi admitted this week that he was gay after an audit revealed that he spent taxpayer money at a gay adult store in Canada.

Greg Davis was elected as the mayor of Southaven in 1997 on a platform of conservative “family values,” but he says he recently realized that he was gay.


Thousands of dollars were spent on lavish meals and liquor, but it’s a $67 charge that Davis made to Priape, “Canada’s premiere gay lifestyle store and sex shop,” while on a recruiting trip that has gotten the most attention.

The mayor said that he didn’t remember what he bought while at the shop.

Clearly, Canada is at fault here.

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