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  • Michael Caton

    If you live in the Rocky Mountain states, you can be reminded of this by Sinclair Oil’s logo, which is A FREAKIN DINOSAUR. Worth asking these folks if they refuse to buy Sinclair Oil because that would be spreading Darwin’s lies.

  • James F. McGrath

    If their claims were true, they could actually produce “fossil fuels” without the need for millions of years, solving the world’s energy crisis. Funny how they don’t do something that would not only prove them right but make them heroes, innit?

  • joe

    It really does not matter how we got here so worrying about it wastes time that could be spent creating a better life in the here and now.

    • kholdom0790

      Is that what you were doing when you posted this? Unnecessary post is unnecessary.

  • Sunny Ng

    Coincidentally, I was watching QI (Episode 909) and Andy Hamilton said a similar thing.

    “The Intelligent Design believers in America, what do they think they put in their cars?”

  • vasaroti

    Every oil company has paleontologists on their payroll who use the presence of a specific type of tiny shell fossil to prospect for oil.

  • Galileo Unchained

    Modern society is supportive enough that know-nothings can live quite comfortably. Perhaps we finally have, in this example by conservative thinkers, a meaningful argument against social safety nets!

  • Nathan

    What, you didn’t know that one of Jesus’ miracles was turning water into gasoline?