How the Gays Stole Christmas

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  • UrsaMinor

    Oh, puh-leeeze! It’s not our fault if we dress so much better than the rest of you.

    • Duxall Inarow


  • TrickQuestion

    The good little believers all snug in their beds,
    had visions of jesus and god in their heads,
    The good and the just and each christian who prays
    When out of the hills came the rainbowy gays.

    • abeille

      Keep going!

      I want to find out what happens next!

      • Francesco

        Well, after that you’ll examine the package :D

    • Sammie

      “Rainbowy gays” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMFG!!!

    • T

      Why isn’t there a “like” button???

  • Jezebel

    never understood the obsession over gays and gay marriage by the xtian right when there are so many ACTUAL atrocities and immorality going on. Wall street, gluttony, get now-pay later, greed, lack of concern for the planet that sustains us, war and cruelty. What ideology puts consensual relationships between same-sex couples at the top of their agenda? To me, that’s crazy. Unfortunately, it has colored by view of repubs all around. as soon as i find out someone is a repug, I mean repub, i immediately form an opinion about them. And it’s not good. And I hate it that i am like that.

    • UrsaMinor

      Every dark cloud has a silver lining. If the fundamentalists and the Republicans are attacking me, they’re giving some other poor schmuck a rest.

      Ha! And they say homosexuals don’t contribute to society.

      But seriously, gay rights are being used very deliberately as a distraction from the real issues. It’s easy, emotional sound-bite stuff that fires up the religious conservative voter base without engaging the brain. If you had an automatic weapon like that in your PR arsenal, wouldn’t you use it?

  • digitalhigh

    They came with their ass-chaps,
    They came with parades,
    They came with Winehouse Christmas,
    My God…was it gay.

    You can’t celebrate here,
    said a Westboro wench.
    You gays stink to heaven,
    I cannot stand the stench.

    But the queers didn’t listen,
    They much were too full of glee,
    Green chiffon and tinsel,
    And lights for all to see.

    Silly Westboro bitch,
    don’t you recognize that smell?
    It’s not the gays on Christmas…
    But you – on your way to hell.

  • Robert

    Perry is the one who ruined my christmas,not gays.I think Perry is a time traveller,who visit us from 14 century.