Joyner and Bentley

Here’s a real meeting of the minds: Todd Bentley being interviewed by Rick Joyner. Joyner praises Bentley for healing an injured man of cancer … by punching him in the sternum.

“Don’t try this at home – unless it’s the Lord.” Thanks, Rick, now as soon as God shows me his ID …

  • Jabster

    Do these people really believe the crap that they say … I just can’t imagine that anyone who has an IQ above that of a glass of tepid water could?

  • trj

    A voice in his head tells him to punch people as hard as he can. This guy ought to be either in jail or in a psychiatric ward.

  • Lynne

    Part of me believes this Bentley character is making up this entire story.

    If he’s not, then this is actually quite horrifying for a few reasons:

    1. Bentley is hearing voices.
    2. He believes he is hearing the actual voice of God.
    3. The voices are commanding him to commit violence.
    4. The cancer victim. Remember him? Sure you do. He’s the poor guy who came to church for prayer and healing and was brutally assaulted by an asshat named Bentley.

    I would’ve called the cops and hired a lawyer.

    What’s next? Bentley breaks into a house and pistol whips an old woman to cure her of a headache?

    This is truly disturbing. Has to be fiction. Yes. I’ll just keep telling myself that.


    • Jabster

      I’ll go for fiction or at least a highly lose version of the truth. Given that why would he think that this makes a good story … I punched someone in the chest who had a broken sternum – that’s not smart, that fecking dangerous. Secondly why shouldn’t you try this at home – does their god only use the likes of likes of Bentley as healers (get new PR) or is it that you can’t be certain that the voice in you head really is god – well that’s all of the ‘god revelled himself’ stories to me out the window.

      I honestly believe that these types of stories are used just to sound good but only in the rarest of cases do people really put them into action – how many people who say they believe this story would actually forgo real medical treatment for cancer and instead be punched by a deranged lunatic?

  • Len

    That’s amazing, but why was the vid cut short – I really wanted to hear what the healee had to say. Because he was on next, right? Right?

  • Michael

    So if I hear God telling me to punch Todd Bentley hard in the face, will I have his support?

  • julie42

    “Don’t try this at home – unless it’s the Lord.”

    I’m sure Abraham told everyone never to kill their son…unless it’s the Lord.

  • RavynG

    my husband says if someone punches him, it will be him doing the miracle because the guy will wake up in heaven…

  • joe

    Now every approval seeking wacko skin head christian is going to start obeying the voices in their heads after a night on the meth pipe. Perfect.

  • Leland Somers

    These people are not just funny, they are dangerous.

  • RickRay1

    Explanation by Christians: “God works in mysterious ways.” Where’s the scientific proof? Where’s the guy who got punched and healed? I’d like to see what he has to say. He’ll probably die from internal bleeding, soon! Fundies are the worse kind of retard because they make all Christians look stupid!

    • trj

      These stories always turn out to be impossible to verify. The person who was miraculously, instantly healed will be impossible to find.

      Provided he even existed in the first place (highly unlikely) he’s probably dead from cancer by now, unless medical science has managed to keep him alive. When Bentley blithely asserts that the man was cured I seriously doubt he ever did the effort of actually verifying this.

  • Robster

    Call a Doctor! Quick…