Michele Bachman, just not getting it. Repeatedly.

Bachman is so obtuse here, it’s just staggering – She goes to great pains to say that everybody has that same civil rights, and nobody should have extra privileges based on their sexuality. She then goes on to say that this equality of rights means that heterosexuals should be allowed to marry the people they love, and that homosexuals should also be allowed to marry the people they might love if they were heterosexual. That’s equality, apparently.

Way to grasp the subtle nuances of that situation, Michelle. Really.

I only caught the follow-up construction of a giant straw-man about how the world was largely built of Mom’s Apple Pie and Happiness back in the days when prayer was allowed in school when I watched the video through a second time, because the first time around I fell off of my chair laughing when I realised that she was using this quote as an argument against central government involvement in schools:

“When I was growing up here in Iowa, there was no federal department of education, we didn’t even have a federal department of education until the late 1970s…

Yes, Michele. And look what an academically gifted, broad-minded, well-rounded, intellectual lady the school system you grew up under hasn’t produced.

Seriously, this is a contender for the presidential race? Colour me frightened, America.

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