Playing Old Testament


You Can't Keep a Bad Man Down
Meet The Wife
Where the Fire Comes From
Bob Cargill on the Holy Grail
  • Lurker111

    Now _that’s_ a tract I’d leave on someone’s windshield.

    • FO

      I think it’d be more effective with a small caption “Is this the God Jesus speaks of?”

  • joe


  • http://- stephen b gray

    That ain’t the half of it. The OTG was murdering, sadistic, and cowardly. I’d call him an asshole but that would be insulting to your anal orifice.

    • John C

      No, He wasn’t and isn’t. You can’t see truthfully in your own light Stephen, neither can I friend. That’s why He offers us a light by which we may see clearly, in the Light of Truth. (Ps 36:9). Once I was blind, now I see?

      All the best.

      • Grandma Julie

        You’re _STILL_ blind, John C. – put down your straw, and quit drinking the koolaid.

      • Pjevs

        See what?

        • Kodie

          First you have to isolate yourself and starve nearly to death to get the kind of visions John C sees.

          • drax

            Well, that was going to be my new year’s resolution. I only wanted to lose some weight, not become delusional! Oddly enough my plan also included a cessation of actual koolaid drinking. Is that ironic?

  • Josh Stewart

    John C, you claim he is the only way we can see the truth. Is this statement falsifiable? How so?