“Super memory” pill… and possibly an Alzheimer’s cure?

I know, we’ve been hoping for this forever… and I’m still hoping. New research has been done that suggests another route for a “super memory” pill:

New research out of the U.S. holds out the hope of a superhuman assist for failing memories — and a badly-needed new therapy for Alzheimer’s patients.

The study by researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston — led by neuroscientist and former McGill University postdoctoral fellow Mauro Costa-Mattioli with contributions from a couple of Canadians — found suppressing a molecule called PKR in the brains of mice improved the rodents’ memory function and learning abilities.

Researchers found that when PKR is genetically suppressed in mice, another immune molecule, called gamma interferon, increases communication between neurons, improving memory and making brain function more efficient, Costa-Mattioli said.

“If we were to find an inhibitor, a molecule, a drug that will specifically block PKR, we should be able to do the same,” said Costa-Mattioli. “And we did.”

Researchers injected an inhibitor into some of the mice’s stomachs, finding the inhibitor worked to suppress PKR, he said. The success of the injections suggest an ingestible form of the memory-enhancing drug would likely work as well.

I can’t wait until we can take a pill and have better memories.

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