Virginia and Adoption Discrimination

Virginia’s Board of Social Services has recently approved regulations for state-licensed adoption agencies that will allow for discrimination against damn near everybody. About the only thing you can’t discriminate against is race, which might have been an oversight. From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Virginia’s Board of Social Services on Wednesday approved final regulations on adoption that, starting in the spring, will effectively allow state-licensed private agencies to deny the adoption of a child by same-sex couples.

The regulations also will allow the adoption agencies to deny services to prospective parents on the basis of age, gender, disability, religion, political belief and family status.

The regulations, however, will prohibit discrimination based on race, color or national origin.

The board voted 5-1 to approve the regulations, with Social Services Board Chairwoman Bela Sood casting the lone “no” vote.

“The science really doesn’t substantiate the notion,” she said, referring to the traditional family structure of a married man and woman, “that that is the only way children should be raised.”

The focus so far has been on gay adoption, since that has been the hot-button issue for some time now. Of course, the danger is that the Catholic adoption centers might close down if they weren’t allowed to practice such discrimination. But allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against couples for religious reasons seems like a potential landmine in the process. Given the prevalence of the view that atheists are automatically less moral than believers, I can see this causing a major problem.

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