Atheist Tattoo

What do you think?

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  • Leetsee

    I love it!

  • FO

    Why would anyone have such a negative statement on her skin?
    (It is true, but it’s still negative!)

  • Amanda Richards

    I love it! I also love the font! Is that something you drew up or is it a legit font? I would love to know :)

    • Richard Maus

      How can any font not be legit? It may not become common or duplicated, but it is what it is..

  • Tigerboy

    It’s very interesting. It’s certainly very pretty. You kind of have to work at it, to see what it says. It’s an interesting juxtaposition of “bold, out-of-the-closet statement” and “I’m an atheist hiding-in-plain-sight.” That the message is not easy to see is one of the things I like about it, aesthetically, but I don’t like the notion of atheism feeling like it needs to hide in any way. I think atheists should be willing to “come out of the closet.” It would seem that this person is doing that very thing, so I support her/him. I’m not sure why it’s a “negative statement.”

  • Schaden Freud


  • Bertrand T Russell

    Agree with the sentiment…. but gee whiz, you’d have to get right on her back to read it! ;-O

  • Mark the Pilgrim

    Not fond of it. I know someone who has ‘atheist’ tattooed on their arm and it just seems a little lame to me. To me it seems that they are basing their entire identity, or at least a large part of it, on the fact that they are atheist.
    Of course I’m not really a tattoo enthusiast, so maybe that’s why I’m not too keen of having philosophical or political statements on one’s body. I do think it looks visually pretty though, but I’m just not keen on the concept of it.

    • billy

      you would rather have a butterfly or something?

      • Mark the Pilgrim

        Honestly? I would prefer that than a political/philosophical statement. Just down to personal preference.

        • UrsaMinor

          I’m not a tattoo enthusiast either, no matter what the tattoo looks like. But if it’s not my skin, I don’t really care what gets inked on it. Everybody has to live his/her own life, and if tattoos are your thing, go for it. Just don’t expect me to admire them.

          It does make me wonder, though, how many people realize that their political and religious views may change in the future when they get political/religious tattoos.

          • Kodie

            As compared to the car with all the bumper stickers last week, I think some people are like that with tattoos. I’m like, whatever. If I ever get a tattoo, it will probably say “whatever.”

          • T

            Yep. I have the Jesus fish on my ankle and a butterfly with a Bible verse underneath it on my upper back. Things I thought I’d never regret.

            Wrong. So wrong.

            I love tattoos, and I will probably get a couple more just to cover up these ridiculous mistakes of mine. But I’ll be most likely to go with just a pretty design or something that doesn’t have to have any certain meaning to it.


            • Oscar

              I just love it!. I am working on my design now. I think its awesome!!!!

  • mb

    it’s crooked.

  • C Tran

    Hot shit.

  • Siberia

    Hard as hell to read, but very pretty. I like.

  • Tina S

    As another said it is pretty, but I wouldn’t want it on my back permanently. On a T shirt: now that’s another conversation.

    • Ardee Patterson

      A teeshirt or wallhanging are great ideas-doe’s someone have a copywrite on this?