Dinosaurs Never Existed!!!

Yes, this is satire :)

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  • Michael

    Holy shit, dude, what if–what if–like, dinosaurs were made up by, like–by Jurassic Park?

    • Michael

      In the late 1800s.

  • http://patheos.com RickRay1

    A perfect explanation for dinosaurs from a young earth creationist ! LOL Even though it’s satire I would find this extremely insulting if someone really believed this video.

    • Thin-ice

      Ricki, be insulted. There are many many creationists who would probably agree word-for-word with the satire!

  • L.Long

    Considering the low level of science ed in this country I no doubt there are many who would buy into this video. Think to your HS and were you told how the whole fossil thing worked? Why can’t we see fossils on the side of the road if they are so common? Yes I know the answer but ask you average guy on the street and see the results.

  • Thin-ice

    There is now, in reality, no frickin’ difference between geniune creationist bullshit, and the parodies of creationist bullshit. No matter how extreme the parody is, there are creationists who spout the same crazy stuff, and they really do believe it.

  • http://dinosaur-denial.ru dinosaur_denier

    In fact she is quite right. I have all the evidence needed to prove this hypothesis.