Extremist Jews Prevent Women From Voting

‘Cause if women can vote, how can the men make all the rules?

A small group of ultra-Orthodox Jews has prevented some women from voting in local elections in Jerusalem. It’s the latest step by the extremely pious Jews to try to force their practices on others.

Israel’s Channel 2 TV video showed the men screaming at a few dozen women, demanding that they leave a voting station Wednesday. Then the men pushed them away.

The incident happened soon after Jerusalem’s secular mayor, Nir Barkat, left the station after speaking out against gender discrimination.

Recently Israel’s ultra-Orthodox minority have become more active in trying to impose gender segregation beyond their communities. Women have been forced to the back of some buses that serve their neighborhoods.

The vast majority of Israel’s Jews object to such measures.


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  • FO

    The vast majority objects but don’t do shit…
    WTF is with you, Israel?

    • Raymond

      Do you expect Israel to treat women better than they treat the Palestinians on their own land, that Israel occupies illegally? It isn’t just Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews who are wacky when it comes to other people’s human rights.

      • FO

        It is still the Ultra Ortodox Jews that push to occupy that land.
        And yes, most Israeli don’t seem to have a big enough problem with that.

  • Custador

    With complete sincerity and total honesty, if a group of religious nuts tried that crap at my local polling station, I’d pop home for a baseball bat and a large group of moody looking geezers with shifty eyes and lumpy pockets, then proceed to interfere forcefully with their right to free expression.

    • Len

      As a moody looking geezer with shifty eyes, can I apply in person? Do you need written references?

    • Michael

      I’m really not getting the shifty-eyed, lumpy-pocketed geezers here.

      • Sunny Day

        It must be cultural. Like driving on the wrong side of the road and calling everyone “mate”.

  • http://www.holytape.etsy.com Holytape

    “Women have been forced to the back of some buses that serve their neighborhoods.” – Yeah, but that’s where all the cool kids sit.

    St. Mandi

  • Nelly

    Gee, it certainly sounds like the fundy Jews are behaving a whole lot like fundy (insert religion of choice here)……

    And the world sits by and watches

  • http://aussieseculardad.blogspot.com/ Aussie Secular Dad

    That makes me angry. I’m not big on confrontation, but if they tried that at my polling station, I’d push back. I wish the article said how it was resolved. I’d love to see if there were any consequences for them.

  • Robster

    These religious dickheads in Israel are doing us all a favour. They are, very successfully exposing their nonsense religious beliefs to public ridicule. Like the catholic child loving priests, the sum will eventually add up to these religions being exposed for what they are: a successful fraud.

  • vasaroti

    There are plenty of Israeli women with military training, I’m surprised the men didn’t get punched.

  • Alexis

    Such interference with the right to vote should be rewarded with jail time.

    • trj

      Yep. Disregarding their violent behavior, which is bad enough, directly obstructing democracy like this ought to earn them a severe sentence, preferably some jail time. Not that I think it will.

      • Custador

        In Israel? Not a chance. Being an extreme right-wing Jewish nut-case basically makes you immune from prosecution.

  • Hamish Milne

    Wow. Guess the Jews aren’t all nice after all. I know it’s a minority, but adding the fact that they all practice circumcision, or as I like to call it, MGM (male genital mutilation), they don’t seem as ‘cuddly’ as before.

    IMO, Hinduism (sans ‘caste’, but that’s technically illegal in India anyway), Buddhism and Jainism are the ‘nicest’ religions.

    • Brian K

      Google “Hindutva” and the “BJP”.

      Read about the history of the golden age of Tibetan Budhism (shorter version-a vicious theocracy where monks owned all the land and oppressed the peasants).

      Jains have always been a tiny minority. I imagine, like the Amish, there is dirty laundry in their little cult as well.

      Hindu extremists have burned mosques, assassinated political leaders, called for the restoration of legal discrimination agaisnt “lower castes”. You cannot blithely separate out the caste system and Hinduism.

    • Vajra Panee

      The circumcision is the price of participation in the ‘Covenant’. If the sight of your penis causes you palpitations then don’t look at it…and please, spare me the emotional/psychological trauma b.s. Mine had to be done a second time due to some degree of inexpertise of the practitioner and I don’t lose a moments sleep or ever give it a thought.
      If you were born a bit diminutive in that dept. I guess you would feel you needed all you had from the get go. [Lo siento, nada mas... get over it]
      btw…the promise made in Psalm 41 has been proven to we without a doubt. I’m certified circumscribed, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless and visiting the sick and those imprisoned.

      • Sunny Day


        • Kodie

          ha ha ha.

  • David Evans

    Does anyone else think that calling these men “extremely pious” is conceding too much to them?

    When I imagine a pious man, I imagine him praying, meditating, doing good works…
    I don’t imagine him screaming at women.