Fred Peeps

Courtesy of Stuff Fundies Like. It looks like an entry in the Washington Post Peeps Show, but I can’t find the specific entry.

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  • UrsaMinor

    So now I have a justification for my dislike of Fig Newtons.

    • Noelle

      I like Newtons, it’s the peeps that are gross. All squishy sugar covered in sugar.

      • Elemenope

        I’m with you on this one.

        I like fig newtons since whenever I see or eat one I am reminded of the ’80s commercial campaign for them, which always amused me, and reminds me of Return of the Jedi since the copy I had growing up was a VHS TV-copy which included that commercial, and so I saw it pretty much every time I watched the movie, which was quite a bit…

        Whereas, peeps are just gross.

  • Ebon Badger

    Are those little bunnies edible? Because if so I’m totally getting my butt over there and causing a bunny bun massacre :D

    • UrsaMinor

      They are edible. But then, so is leather. Given my druthers, I’d eat the marshmallow bunnies, of course, but I would not enjoy them.

  • Bertrand T Russell

    Fred Phelps… remove your head from your Butt, and try a Fig Newton…. It might sweeten your pathetic life, a little

  • grumpygirl

    A neat trick is to put the bunnies in the microwave. They expand into a giant bunny! If you overdo it they explode:

  • vasaroti

    Peep jousting is a favorite family pastime. My Daughter cheats by hiding peeps all year, to make severely stale peeps, which will not expand as much.
    On the fig front, I make a extremely heavy and fattening cake with dates, figs, almonds, and pine nuts, all soaked in booze.

  • Rob Jase

    I dunno, everytime I explain to folks that figs are pollinated by wasps that lay their eggs in the figs and that dead wasps, wasp body parts and wasp poop are present in all figs, they stop liking figs.

    Can anyone out there explain it to me?