Gay Men Need Diapers?

This moron (Patrick Wooden, organizer for North Carolina’s anti-gay marriage amendment), claims homosexuality destroys men’s bodies and the human race.

I guess Wooden has never had oral sex, ’cause sperm can’t germinate there, either. Oh wait, I bet he has.

What an ignorant moron.


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  • Julie42

    Ahh yes. God meant for every sperm to be allowed to germinate. Talk about overpopulation…

  • Igor

    This guy seems to know an awful lot about the male anus. He’ll probably vote for Santorum just because he recognizes the word on the ballot.

  • SaraToday

    By this logic, gay relationships should be okay as long as there’s no anal sex going on.

    • JohnMWhite

      And women who like anal, or indulge their male partner, should be suffering the same problems, while lesbians are obviously perfectly acceptable.

      Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of anti-gay pseudoscience seems to leave lesbians in the clear? It’s almost as if people don’t have such a big problem with women getting together…

      • Kodie

        Only if they’re hot, not if they’re feminazi butch man-wannabes.

  • abeille

    Being gay leads to rectal prolapses?
    Not, you know, from genetic predispositions, chronic straining, or even childbirth? (Among other reasons)

    • DMG

      I saw this argument a lot on African news sites & their comment pages, around the time Uganda was making headlines for its barbaric anti-gay bill.

      Only recently have I seen it parroted by North Americans. Always without any source/reference – just blind faith that because it supports their unflattering idea of homosexuals, it must be true. O_o

    • DMG

      Sorry for split post: just remembered…

      In war-torn parts of Africa, the notion has some basis in fact. Warring tribesmen/mercenaries sometimes violently rape captives – men and women alike – to humiliate their opposition or villagers caught in the way. This abuse can indeed cause such damage

      Similar to those who cite certain biblical passages or incidents of child abuse when arguing against homosexuality, this may suggest honest or willful ignorance of the difference between consensual sex between adults and reprehensible acts of abuse.

  • Noelle

    I’m gonna guess he’s not a medical doctor.

  • UrsaMinor

    I get very tired of the assumption/cliché/myth that all gay men have anal sex.

  • Felicia

    Some of my friends from my religious days actually go to his church. I have been there before a couple times years ago. I’m not surprised though. Even when I was religious, I was uncomfortable with how much they discussed the issue & the use of gay slurs, at least by some members . He’s alo big on the war on Christmas & leads boycotts of stores that don’t say merry Christmas.

  • Grandma Julie

    Pardon me for dusting off my favorite “gig-’em,” concerning Jesus and gays:
    Bringing up my favorite bitter pill, which I love to push down the throats of the Buy-Bull thumpers:
    Scripture explicitly does not name any female disciples in Jesus’ little band of followers, naming only men. Then, at the Last Supper, he commanded them to “Love ye, one another, even as I have loved you.” He did not specify HOW he loved them. Therefore, it is absolutely possible that Jesus was (gasp!) GAY! Ohhh, let the thunder ROLL!!! LOL!

  • Nita

    Be sure to anoint the head with oil first!

  • Pjevs

    Wooden is a little scared man who is afraid of people being well educated and thinking for themselves and doing what is natural to them.

  • Sunny Day

    Wait, what?
    Is he saying gay men that scarily endowed?

  • ashley

    for some reason i think it just hit me, are you gay? are you disturbed by God and his laws concerning sodomites? seems you have alot of hate in you and are very passionate about your ‘non faith.’ I would like scientist to prove you can be born with a perverted mind because I don’t believe that. That is a claim pushed by the gay agenda and not proven in anyway. Pedophiles even have a website for their equality now and how they are born with their perversions and whatnot fairy tales. I’m sure there is something similar for people obsessed with beastiality. The bible on the other hand explained sodom and gomorrah perfectly for us to learn from past mistakes…. and if that is a fairty tale perhaps you should google sodom and gomorrah and see what scientist found there -the sulfer, the burnt cities, the residue not like fire nor lava…. but as a wise woman I hope every soul searches and leaves no rock unturned to be sure of their beliefs, faith(or not), and path taken in this short life.

    • Custador

      Oh, there we go. We were overdue for a spectacularly ignorant dickhead to post some bigotted drivel. Thanks ashley, I can stop wondering about it now.

    • Custador

      For the sake of simplicity I won’t pretend that I don’t know that you mean “being gay” when you say “having a perverted mind”. But anyway. Homosexuality is currently thought to be caused by hormonal changes in utero, which are in turn triggered by the mother’s pheromone responses. It’s an evolutionary tactic; if there’s a huge imbalance between male and female numbers, offspring come ready tailored to cause the least conflict in the environment they’re arriving in. Believe it or don’t (I think I know which way you’ll go), your ignorance is your own damn problem.

      Oh, and I want a citation for a write-up of what “scientists found [at Sodom and Gomorrah]“. Of course, you’ll provide no such link, because you’re talking absolute bullshit. Prove me wrong, I dare you.

      You, ashley, are most certainly NOT a “wise woman”. You’re a pig ignorant little twit who’s just jumped in a pool way over her head.

      • ashley is a source for S&G evidence today. As for your description on what people Think may happen to cause a perverted mind, would you like to mention your proof or source? even you said its just a thought…. Also Ignorance is a state of being uninformed and I can assure you I am a wise woman and any questions I;ve had of my religion(Many Im sure ask) I have searched for answers and could not be more confident in God… since obviously you havent done the research perhaps its worth a try and since obviously you feel a need to be a bully and spout hurtful, uncalled for, and childish names you should do some ‘soul searching’ for peace within.

        • Custador


          Was that the response you wanted? Now fuck off into the internet again, and this time come back with a write up from a fucking GEOLOGIST that supports your bullshit claims. Off you go now!

        • UrsaMinor

          This doesn’t link to any scientific evidence, just a garbled rehash of somebody else’s work. Where is the original peer-reviewed scientific paper that these claims are based on?

        • Custador

          Also: Where the hell do you get off with your hypocrisy?

          You’ve stomped in like a self-loading bullshit-cannon calling gay people <em"perverts", comparing them to paedophiles and people who fuck animals, wittering about “the gay agenda”, putting “atheist, sodomites, pedophiles, killers, and even drunk druggies” in the same category, and now YOU want to accuse ME of being a “bully” and “spout[ing] hurtful, uncalled for, and childish names”.

          How about this: How about I give you the finger, you odious, ignorant little hypocrite, and you do us all a favour and fuck off. Or stay. If you’re still around when Jabster or Sunny turn up looking for a chew toy, that could be fun.

    • UrsaMinor

      Yes, ashley, our dirty little secret is out. All atheists are gay, and we hate God solely because he says we aren’t allowed to f*ck each other in creative and unnatural ways. But I showed him! Just last Thursday I hung a trapeze in the bathroom, and filled the tub with lime Jell-O, and then led in the antelope and the football team for a bit of fun.

      • Custador

        Dammit Ursa! We talked about this! We weren’t going to mention the antelope in public. Well, if we get a Christian SPCA inspector in here, you can offer him the sexual bribes to turn a blind-eye this time. I have jaw-ache.

        • UrsaMinor

          Seeing as we’re fresh out of choir boys, I suppose I will have to do the job myself.

          • Custador

            Oh now really! I put it on the list on the refrigerator for when you went to the Catholic supply house! It was right there underneath “Crucifixes to desecrate” – “Choirboys, oral sex for the use of”. See, right there. Now I’ll have to do an extra shopping trip in the morning :-/

            • UrsaMinor

              Yeah, like I could even find the refrigerator. And whose fault was it that I broke my glasses tending to the livestock? You were supposed to hold the leash firmly. Got it? Firmly!

            • Custador

              Well, I get confused about how firm “firmly” is in your mind. I mean, sometimes you say to hold something “firmly” and then you just complain that I’m hurting you. I feel like I can’t win!

      • ashley

        ursa, i dont stereo type, i was speaking to the author whom i’ve read alot from today. I actually know atheist, sodomites, pedophiles, killers, and even drunk druggies that are really sweet, nice, caring, smart, etc but im not sure what you think personality has to do with God

        • Custador

          2007, Pew Research Values Study:

          19% of general population were atheist
          76% of general population were Christian (various denominations).

          1997 Federal Bureau of Prisons Statistics:

          0.209% of inmates were atheist.
          80.001% of inmates were Christian (various denominations).


        • Kodie

          You jumped to the conclusion that he was gay, and then went on to tell us what your bible says is the natural result of homosexuality. It’s actually been kind of helpful, because I knew some Christians were intolerant and based that on scripture (a simple aversion and judgment), but I know now that you’re hysterical wack-a-doos who think the existence of homosexuality is contagious and leads the whole of society to the type of ruin elaborated in a fairy tale book. Who are you to call yourself a “wise woman”? You looked under every stone until you found a form of bigotry that appeals to you. You found a magical justification to hate people and judge them and fear what they are capable of turning your country into. In what way does that endow upon you the label “wise”? You’re wise like a fly that keeps flying into the window.

          • ashley


            • Kodie

              Did you find your hand in front of your face?