God vs Unicorns

Thanks God...
When Yahweh Guides Your Life...
The Coconut Argument for God
Dr. House on Faith
  • Janet Keller Bailey

    What about Dragons! Just because a creature is mystical, doesn’t mean they are not real! Biologist only print what people want. Same as history, only a piece of truth is printed, when their is more never printed.

    • Custador

      Not sure if troll or mentally ill…

      • http://theskippyreview.worpress.com Skippy

        How about a little bit from column A, a little bit from column B?

    • joe

      Science accepts that vivid dreams are as real to the individual mind as actual experience. At least four of the republican candidates contending for the presidential nomination were told by God to enter the race. Our previous president attacked at least two foreign nations on God’s orders. We should look for scientific evidence that we can agree on. This will make it harder for people like you to buy into the vivid dreams of others and get innocent people murdered.

  • FO

    Epic pwn.
    Is it real?

  • http://www.arnizachariassen.com/ithinkibelieve Arni Zachariassen

    Must be fake.

  • Jer

    Too good to be true.

  • Rich Wilson

    And of course we do have unicorn bones. For the most part they look exactly like horse bones, except for the horns, which look exactly like narwhal tusks.

  • Rich Wilson

    I wish they’d asked “Do you think public opinion can change the climate?” and “Do you think public opinion can change the value of Pi?”

  • Mark

    The epic win would have been if the Xtian had finally given up and said, “Well, I believe in what the Bible says about God.”
    …And Ryo had come back with: “Job 39:9-10. Suck it.”

  • Trey

    You can tell that this guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Don’t be like him.