Jesus Loves You Unconditionally


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  • Framtonm

    Why, oh why, do they always portray Jesus as a white protestant? Surely he would have looked more…um…Middle Eastern?

    • Ty

      Nope, Jesus was a white man, like all good hearted people all. Don’t you read the bible?

    • Tim

      Nonsense! Every one knows that Jesus had blue eyes and long blond hair, just like Max VonSaddow

      • Sunny Ng

        Nah, Jesus was Chinese. I’m sure!

        • Azel

          Pff, heretic…every one knows he was black like his mother

          • Ty

            Wait… I thought the first miracle he performed was being born white…

            • Custador

              Wait… We have another Ty? Now I’m confused :-/

  • Robster

    They got it wrong. That pic is the baby jesus Norwegian cousin. He’s much better looking than the middle eastern one, ‘specially to the western audience that they registered the image, burned it onto toast and made it god or similar.

  • JFK

    I honestly do not give a bowel movement. What is not understood about moot?