Philosoraptor: Only a Sith Deals In Absolutes?

(bonus points if you catch the typo)

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Evidence Against Evolution
  • Jabster

    Honestly Dan, when did this blog turn into cut-and-paste from some almost humorous websites?

    If I want to read this sort of thing (I would probably be pushed to say slightly interesting rubbish) then there’s lots of place to do it, on the other hand if I want to read something that, say, vorjack or Custy have put some effort into … well then there’s always UF.

    p.s. The cynical side of me would ask how’s that humour website going – what say you Dan?

    • jff

      I strongly agree with this comment.

    • Luke

      I regret to say it but I too find myself agreeing rather strongly with this comment. Unreasonable Faith always used to be a blog where I expected to find something genuinely stimulating but I’m definitely clicking on less of your stories in my feed reader nowadays (especially as the summaries presented in the feed are so short that they often give very little idea of what the story’s actually about).

      I don’t like to be a whiner because it’s your blog and your decision what you do with it but you should at least be aware that you risk losing readers.

    • Bill

      There is still a ton of heavy content here.

      I welcome the humor thrown in with it.

      • Len

        As long as the humour is a side point, I aboslutely don’t mind.

        • Jabster

          That’s the point though isn’t it … it’s getting less and less of a side point and more and more of just what’s posted here especially from Dan.

          • Len

            Well, at least we’re hearing more from Dan than we used to :-)

            And while too much funny is not good for this blog, too much heavy is also not good. If you don’t like the funnies, skip those posts. I do.

        • 1984

          So you’re not a Sith?

      • Kodie

        I like that it’s not all serious and have no trouble ignoring or only giving slight attention to humorous t-shirts, comics, or church signs, etc. and still find it worthwhile to visit and comment. Sometimes days go by, topics upon topics both heavy and shallow, where I have nothing to say about it, and maybe not even that interesting to me to read, and I just haven’t reached the point where there’s no reason to come. Is this an example of being lazy or one-note? I can see that, but I would miss it if the blog only focused on serious issues and more stuff to get outraged about. Eliminating the latter and making it all cartoons would be bad too.

    • kentuckyfreethinker

      +1. Sorry.

    • Daniel Florien

      Hey Jabster (and others who share his perspective),

      Sorry to hear you don’t like the lighter side of things that I post. Vorjack does a lot of heavy stuff, and I love it, but I think it’s good to mix things up. Not everyone reads the heavy stuff, and come for the lighter side. Others only are here for the heavy stuff, and I’m really glad we have Vorjack and Custador to provide that. Those guys are awesome, and I don’t say that enough.

      Hopefully it’s not too big of an inconvenience to skip the posts that you aren’t interested in.

      For the record, traffic has increased about 20x since I’ve been mixing in the funny (or not-so-funny, depending on your perspective) stuff, so I think it’s been successful in terms of gaining readership and exposure, which was my goal.

      I too miss the old UF. I wish I had the time and passion to write articles like I used to, but that just ain’t gonna happen any time soon.

      And about the humor site, actually, 9 Laughs is going really well, thanks! ;) Some days it does much better than UF in terms of traffic, and it just passed the number of facebook fans UF has. Not bad a for a month-old blog. I expect it’ll easily double the traffic of UF in the next month. And we just started another blog a couple weeks ago, 9 Wows, which I think will end up doing even better long-term.

      • Custador

        If I might chime in with a perspective: Variety is good. I skip some articles on the blog-side depending on my mood, but it’s nice to have a choice. And it’s good that the forum side is picking up some of the heavy-lifting on more in depth and personal topics. Honestly, I don’t think the odd funny does any harm. Depending on how the heavier story of the day is doing on traffic, I might consider moving a funny down the page a little (something I’ve done a couple of times with my own lighter posts) to keep the longer stories at the top, but other than that I like the mix.

        • JohnMWhite

          Nobody said the odd funny is a bad thing. When the majority of what goes up on the site is a simple copypaste from random sites on the Internet, and sometimes that random stuff is over a year old, I can’t blame people for getting a bit peeved. It is, of course, Daniel’s blog to do what he will with, but it isn’t really fair to mischaracterise the criticism, and it certainly isn’t accurate to act like people are complaining about the ‘odd light post’ here and there.

      • Jabster

        “Sorry to hear you don’t like the lighter side of things that I post.”

        I’m certainly not saying I don’t like them – if you’ve read my comments you know exactly what I think of humour! It’s just the quantity of them compared to the more ‘heavy’ side seems to be seriously unbalanced to what it was previously. I do wonder what people will now think when they visit a site which is sub-titled “reasonable thoughts on religion, science and skepticism” and find that the majority of the blog posts are anti-religious cartoons.

        Anyway just my 2p’s worth and I’ll shut-up now as it is your blog :-)

      • Luke

        I spotted your response to these comments rather late but for what it’s worth I find the simple humorous image posts are much less irritating now that the RSS feed seems to be showing more of each post. I don’t know whether somebody reading my comment was any part of the cause that change but I appreciate it, whatever precipitated it. Thank you.

        If I could be excused for elaborating more on bitchiness that’s already been addressed, my problem with the excessive humorous posts is not that they aren’t funny but that there are many places on the internet where I can find funny images (atheism-themed or otherwise) but far fewer places where I can find well-informed writing on the level that UF often achieves.

        I also think Jabster’s point (posted Jan 11th) is an important one: “I do wonder what people will now think when they visit a site which is sub-titled “reasonable thoughts on religion, science and skepticism” and find that the majority of the blog posts are anti-religious cartoons.”

  • Steven

    When I saw the title I thought the lower half would read, ‘Does that make God a Sith lord?’

  • UrsaMinor

    Aboslutely. I do not think that word means what you think it means.

  • Michael

    My problem is not that there are “jokes” and “memes” on this site but that most of them come straight from funnyjunk.

    • Daniel Florien

      Never even heard of funnyjunk. Definitely not one of my sources. Looks like a terrible site, though…

    • Custador

      Most of funnyjunk comes straight from 4chan. Just an observation.