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  • UrsaMinor

    My favorite ST:TNG episode ever.

    • Devysciple

      That would be Devil’s Due, if I am not mistaken. Also have very fond memories of this episode. Also strongly reminds me of Clark’s Third law: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
      One can only be grateful to all the liberal, left-wing, communist, socialist, free-thinking, LGBT-respecting folks in the film industry.

      • Myxini

        nope, Who Watches The Watchers

        • Devysciple

          You are right. Must have slipped my mind because somehow it is one of my not-so-favourite episodes. Not content-, but rather production-wise. Anyway, maybe it’s time for a re-run of the series… *calculates required time*
          129.5 hours – I guess I need a time machine, or a lot of caffeine :-)

  • Armenian Atheist
  • LRA

    Loves me some Captain Jean-Luc Picard!!!

    • LRA

      (And for the record, my favorite ST character is Seven of Eight.)

      • TrickQuestion

        well, i;m not going to say it…

        • LRA

          Ha! See comment below…

      • Francesco

        She’s probably one of the few women I’m sexually attracted to. And goddamit, she’s a Borg. I LOVE them.

        • Custador

          I hear they go like machines….

      • Sunny Day

        I call her 6 of 9.

      • Elemenope

        Well, without Jeri Ryan, there is no President Obama. It’s one of my favorite modern (and as a bonus, almost certainly true) “for want of a nail” stories.

        During her stint on Voyager, Jeri Ryan and Jack Ryan got a divorce. During the divorce proceedings (which were under seal), Jeri accused Jack of sexual improprieties. Jack, four years later, became the presumptive GOP nominee for Senator from Illinois, the heavy poll favorite over the then basically unknown Barack Obama.

        During the campaign, a newspaper successfully sued to have the divorce records unsealed, only possible because both parties were public figures (one a politician, the other a star on a TV show). As a result of the revelations of impropriety, Jack Ryan abandons his campaign late in the election season, all but guaranteeing Obama a win for the Senate seat. Jack Ryan was replaced on the ticket by the bombastic perennial candidate Alan Keyes, whose presence raised the profile of what would have otherwise been an unremarkable senate campaign. As a result of that attention (and the aplomb with which Obama dispatched Keyes), Obama was invited as the keynote speaker to the DNC in 2004, elevating him to a national profile.

        The rest is history, as they say.

    • UrsaMinor

      I’m a Riker fan myself. And wasn’t it Seven of Nine?

      • LRA

        Dammit! Yes. I was distracted by her hotness…

        • UrsaMinor

          If you’re talking catsuit, I go more for the pouty Vulcan look.

  • http://aussieseculardad.blogspot.com Aussie Secular Dad

    This is one of my favourite TNG episodes ever and one of the many things I introduce to my kids to to subtly undermine their religious mother’s influence.