Ain’t logic a bitch?

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  • danielcb

    Yes, lets use some logic.

    Person A hates X, therefore, person A hates all of the virtues esposed in the constitution of X. Really?

    • Custador

      I can’t help feeling that I need to point out the “humour” tag on this post. As in “funny”, “light hearted”, “not meant to be taken seriously”, and “Ye Gods, didn’t some joyless pedant just kill that joke deader than a can of Spam?”

    • Kodie

      I can’t help but think you didn’t think this through or you don’t know who the Westboro Baptists are.

  • tsstevens

    Lookit Lookit Lookit, an image that makes religion look bad. Let’s all laugh at how bad this image makes religion look ah ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    • Kodie

      So you’re a Westboro Baptist and you’re mocking us because this comic offended you?

      • tsstevens

        Oh how I so love the accusations that fanatics come up with. A mocking comment about reveling in upsetting people who do not have the same beliefs, and suddenly I must be a member of the most fanatical and unreligious church there is. I suppose Godwin’s Law will be used any time now.

        • Kodie

          Were you suspended from school this week?

          • Noelle

            If so he prolly deserved it. Kids these days.

            • tsstevens

              I thought you didn’t like labels. Or is that only when they’re not directed at the enemy?

            • Noelle

              I don’t have any enemies that I’m aware of.
              When did I ever tell you I dislike labels?

              Those label gun things from my childhood? Awesome.

              As a side note, this cartoon is kinda dumb. Westboro’s an easy topic for ire, and this isn’t all that clever. Even most conservative Xians dislike them. It’s a bit like making fun of the KKK for being racist. Of course they are. That’s their thing.

              Ya know, many of us are still on perfectly good terms with our religious friends and family. Your prickly defense at a dumb cartoon is confusing to me. Do you really think I sit around hating on and making fun of people solely based on religion? I’m not a 17 year old goth brat for chrissakes.

        • Nox

          Did you have something to contribute besides “I didn’t understand this and I’m offended by it. You shouldn’t make fun of religious people”? Cause you’ve already said that same thing on four other threads. We’re not going to stop making fun of religion, and you’ve completely squandered any f*ck anyone might give about you being offended.

          • tsstevens

            I had no illusion that you’d stop showing how hateful you are to everyone who does not agree with you. I did think you would have enough credit to do more than claim comments I have pointed out, events I have pointed out, did not occur. Clearly I was mistaken. Sam Harris did not say anything that could be interpreted as some beliefs are so dangerous it would be ethical to kill those who hold them. Oh silly me, Stalin never killed Christians, deny deny deny.

            • Nox
            • Kodie

              Why are you having a stroke, though. Because you don’t have anything to discuss and you can’t handle the level of conversation nor the topic, nor having your religion offended. I mean, I think you’re going berserk because you messed up one thing about Harris, you couldn’t back-pedal, and you don’t have anything else to say but you hate atheists and want very much to hurt our feelings, or trap one of us into saying we think you should be killed. Maybe take a nap, watch a basketball game, here, here’s a website about dozens of ways to lace your shoes:

            • tsstevens

              Where did I say I hate atheists? Please point this out or retract the statement.

            • FO

              * Skepticism* never killed anyone.
              Modern atheist don’t choose atheism.
              They choose skepticism and atheism is a mere consequence, but yeah, we get the “atheist” label.

              How would sit Stalin and his dogma, his rituals, his requirement of Faith (hint hint!) with skepticism?
              How is not Kim Jong Il not an omnipotent God to his people?

              You are just another chew toy for these boards, and an ignorant, boring and obnoxious one at that.

    • TrickQuestion

      Westboro makes religion look bad. This is making fun of them. therefore you should be all for it.

      • Michael

        The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.
        /religion logic

    • Jabster

      Honestly … it’s people like your self who make religion look bad. Someone takes the piss out of you (and rightly so I might add) and all of a sudden they’re a fanatic?

      I’m afraid to say you’re one of the people I think of as nice guy wrong planet.

  • tsstevens

    If that’s how you honestly feel then I won’t continue to bother you.

    • Sunny Day

      I wonder if this one actually means what it says.

      • the real ts stevens

        No, actually it doesn’t. This was a sock puppet that used my name because they were upset about a comment I made. I have no intention of fighting the monsters of religion, or atheism, lest I become a monster myself, yet I was portrayed to spewing this drivel.

        • Jabster

          Oh do fuck off … well unless you can post something funny.

        • Custador

          EDIT: Ignore what I just said. “the real ts stevens” is apparently too stupid to realise that I can see his IP address. Can you guess whose IP it’s the same as? Yep. A sock-puppet accusing his earlier incarnation of being an unrelated sock-puppet. What a dick.

          • Jabster

            Time for bed then …

          • the real ts stevens

            Of course it would be as it was from the same computer. That’s okay though, you can believe me or not, I simply have no interest in getting involved in this war, I just want to make that perfectly clear.

            • Ty

              You’re like a catalog of silly internet argument tactics.

              Next are you going to tell us this was all a psychology experiment?

            • the real ts stevens

              No. But if you’d like some scientific evidence to prove that the views the sock puppet expressed earlier are not really mine then please, tell me what you’d like and I’ll provide it for you.

            • Mark Joseph

              Well, for someone who has “no interest in getting involved in this war,” you have already posted *9* times on this thread. Ain’t counting a bitch?

            • Custador

              So, what you’re saying is: Not only has somebody posted in your name, but they’ve also somehow managed to get hold of your IP address and managed to mask their own IP address with yours.

              Bullshit. What are you, 12? You’ve been caught in a lie. At least have the decency to own it.

            • The real ts Stevens

              No, please learn to actually read what people write. What I actually said was the sock had posted from my computer. As in where I physically am right now.

            • Custador

              So your “sock-puppet” is either a room-mate or a family member? If that’s the case, I suggest you beat them with a bat for being such an irretrievable idiot in your name.

  • the real ts stevens

    As I said I do not want to be involved in religious discussion. Given that tsstevens is my TV Tropes name, my Paheal name, my Youtube name, my XBOX name and others, logic would dictate that I would want to protect it when a sock puppet uses it to make me look like a religious fruit cake.

    Unless of course your views mean so little it doesn’t matter.

  • Ken

    This has degraded past all purpose. It’s just a friggin’ cartoon.