Attenborough on The Almighty

I love this guy. In fact, he’s so good, let’s have that speech as a picture:

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  • Michael

    That’s not a meme. It’s a picture.

    • Custador


      • Ty

        That’s not Sir David Attenborough! It’s a battlestation!

  • Alexis

    But it’s not like that in Bambi (many people’s favorite nature documentary)! Most people do not realize that 99% of all animals in the wild die while being eaten by another animal.

    • Ty

      Or first starve to death and THEN get eaten by another animal. Or get an injury and die of infection. Or get sick and die of disease.

      I doubt many animals die peacefully in their sleep at a wise old age.

  • Yoav

    Que, Monty Python, All thing dull and ugly

    • LRA

      Monty Python is genius.

  • vasaroti

    Beautifully put, but I’m afraid many religious folks can’t handle sentences with clauses.

  • kholdom0790

    What a champ. I have admired this guy for years, but now it’s at a whole other level…

  • Merle Berga

    great factors altogether, you simply gained a whole new reader. What would you suggest about your article that you made some nights ago? Virtually any positive?

  • VJ

    I love this guy.

    Ah God (using the name of the imaginary patriarchal sky figure in vain), so do I.