Birth of the Moon

The last video on an astronomical … excuse me, “astronomical” topic was strangely unpopular. So here’s a more respectable piece from Cosmic Journeys on some of the latest findings about the nature and history of our closest neighbor, the moon. Including the tricky question of how the moon got there in the first place.

Via Open Culture

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  • UrsaMinor

    Origin of the moon? It’s very simple, really. As the Iroquois creation myth clearly explains, the moon is the severed head of a woman which was tossed into the sky by her grandsons after they dismembered her body.

  • Azel

    Everyone knows the Moon is a vessel steered by a Maiar and containing the last surviving flower of Telperion.

    • Mogg

      Wow. Someone who has read the Silmarillion.

      • Azel

        It is that rare ? I know it’s not an easy read, but Tolkien got a certain acknowledgement with the success of the Lord of the Rings’ cinema adaptation…

        • UrsaMinor

          Certainly it’s more common to have read the Silmarillion than Unfinished Tales.

          • Custador

            I’ve not read Unfinished Tales, but I have read the Silmarillion.

            • Len

              I read them both (and Farmer Giles of Ham) – all of them in fact. But that’s 42 years ago, so maybe a bit rusty…

            • Nox

              I’ve read four books by Tolkien and I have not read The Silmarillion.

  • TrickQuestion

    That’s no moon!