Let’s Talk About …

Via Jesus Needs New PR, I see that an old friend is still in business.

Donny Pauling used to grace our comments and forums. I see that he’s still pushing himself as a “former porn producer.” I guess that’s not unlikely, but I have to admit that I’m skeptical. We meet so many “former witches,” “former atheists,” and “former satanists,” that I can’t help suspecting that Donny is just as full of it as all the rest.

I also don’t know why someone would go to a former porn producer for sex advice. That’s like getting cooking tips from someone who used to make plastic food. Of course, it’s no worse than going to the Bible, which was written in a time when the authors still thought that the child’s traits were set by what the mother was looking at during conception (Genesis 30:37-39).

  • Lynne

    Regarding that last line about a child’s traits being set by what the mother was looking at during conception: I always thought my ex looked like the wheel of a dumpster.

    • Kam

      I think that Bible reference is wrong.

      • vorjack


  • mb

    I think most evangelicals would read that passage as referring to a miracle and not a prescription for how to breed striped/spotted livestock. The old testament is full of instances of characters doing silly and/or inconsequential things that god then responds to with some helpful miracle, e.g. Moses strikes a rock and gets water.

  • Robster

    Are they collecting a bunch of 40 year old virgins to talk about sex? I hope they do some study before opening their ignorant mouths.

  • JonJon

    Donny seemed fairly legit to me. At any rate, here’s hoping he talks sense and not not crazy.

    • Custador

      Donny was batshit, and obnoxious with it. Sorry, but he just was.

      • Custador

        Okay, that might be harsh. I’ll admit to reading some of his blog posts on porn and being somewhat enlightened.

  • http://www.DonnyPauling.com Donny Pauling

    Pay attention to the sign, gentlemen. The part where my name is mentioned says “Also featuring” and gives a specific date. Many churches these days use sermon series. This particular church is having a series on sex for several weeks. On February 26th, I’ll be there. Pornography will obviously be the topic of discussion that week, and how it relates to sex. Nobody is coming to get advice about sex from me. I’ll be discussing porn.

    • Theory_of_I

      Just out of curiosity Donny, did you have an epiphany and you now believe this is your shot at atonement? I’m not saying you are one of them, but we all know any number of hucksters who game the religiously afflicted using the “Oh, how awful I once was, but now I’m repenting. Give me money and I’ll bare my soul (including all the titillating details”) ruse. A kind of pious panhandling. And what better place to do that than at Panhandling Central? They’re everywhere — unlimited job security and all. Just sayin’

  • Rayne

    Donny, I look forward to hearing what you have to say @ thatchurch. Donny is correct, in that he plays a small role (sorry Donny) in our series that places emphasis towards what God intentions were and just how wonderful (not dirty) it is when held sacred. This past week we covered Song of Solomon which is very much about sex and romance between he and his wife.

    I imagine, god willing, 3000 years from now our analogies, metaphors and parables will be Greek to their time and possibly lost in translation.

    • Jabster

      “I imagine, god willing, 3000 years from now our analogies, metaphors and parables will be Greek to their time and possibly lost in translation.”

      You god’s not very good at getting his message across is he?

    • Mogg

      It’s never occurred to me to think about this before, but… what did Solomon’s other wives think about him going all gaga over the new girl?