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The Problem of Absolutist Language
Atheists in the Evangelical Mind
Hitler Can’t Help You
Romance at Mars Hill
  • Elemenope

    Meh. Personally I like ‘em when they’re loud. Makes it much easier to identify ‘em.

    • http://framtonstreet.wordpress.com/ Framtonm

      Quite right, Elemenope, like the “Street Preachers” in Adelaide – that way you can avoid them!

  • http://framtonstreet.wordpress.com/ Framtonm

    Oops, wrong email!

  • tsstevens

    I support this comment because we have fanatics who believe their god’s dick is bigger than other god’s dick, we have fanatics who believe Dawkins’ cock or Harris’ cock is bigger than any god’s cock. We have both sides with closed minded open mouthed fanatics crying that their asshole’s bleeding because someone has views that are different to their own, that someone in the world doesn’t think the same way. Honestly can we try not to be at each other’s throats over this whole religious issue? That shouldn’t be too much to ask.