Love and infatuation

<3 SMBC…

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  • Nowhere Man

    haha.. good stuff.

  • RickRay1

    I still cannot fathom how right-wing -xians say they love Jesus and/or God. Being that I live in a world based on reality and material things I can touch and feel, they must live in a totally different dimension than I do. Or, they’ve lost a few reality based neurons somewhere along the line. When any god actually talks to me in a rational, realistic way that I could actually take a recording or picture of, I might, believe in such a deity. Until that happens I’ll continue to be my rational, non-religious, kind, caring, humanitarian self.

  • kholdom0790

    I know it wasn’t the point, but this cartoon only made me think of Twilight and its disgusting representation of a loving relationship.

    • Valerie Tarico

      It isn’t the point — but it is the point. Stephanie Meyers had her concept of love shaped by Mormon Christianity which is one reason it’s obsessive, submissive and tinged with threat.