Puppets and Rap

Alright, kids, let’s go over what we’ve learned here at UF.

Evangelicals rapping = bad thing

Evangelicals with puppets = bad thing

Now for the test: Rapping evangelical puppets = ?

Via Scott Bailey

Jesus was is a Muslim
Where the Fire Comes From
Bob Cargill on the Holy Grail
Atheists in the Evangelical Mind
  • stuart

    Must destroy eardrums, for the good of all that is good and secular

  • FO

    Isn’t there a Commandment about this?

    • UrsaMinor

      “Thou shalt not attempt to undermine thy neighbor’s sanity”?

  • Fentwin

    Christian + Rap = Chrap

  • Chris H.

    Those christians always put the black guys on drums…

  • Xech

    They’re right on one thing: The truth will set you free. Don’t ever fear the truth unless you’re hiding Jews.