Still Earth

“I am going to show you in easy to understand terms why the earth is NOT rotating – and why anyone that thinks that it is – IS COMPLETELY WRONG.”

“Modern science says the earth IS rotating, the Bible says it is NOT moving … The two different claims are at odds with each other … Kind of like good verses [sic] evil …”


via Joel Watts at Unsettled Christianity

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  • Troutbane

    OK, I only got to the part with the helicopter so let me offer a similar yet different experiment:
    Stand on a boat going 100 miles an hour. Jump. Did you land towards the back of the boat? No?
    Stand on a bus going 45 miles and hour. Jump. Did you land towards the back of the bus? No?
    Why? Velocity does not equal acceleration.

    This has got to be a Poe. If not, this is why the US will crumble from its world power status in my lifetime. Teh stupids will make our population beyond ignorant. The funny thing is, any of these experiments will likely have to be redone several times until you get the one that matches your “hypothesis”. I stopped watching after the guy’s proof was from a stationary launch showed the helicopter veering off to one side.

    • Thin-ice

      I think he’s Canadian. He says “doubt” like a Canadian, and I’m pretty sure the mountains behind his pickup are in British Columbia. Which is where Canadian rednecks live. ALL the stupidity in the world does not reside in the USA, though at times it seems like it.

  • TrickQuestion

    i just imagine the guy sitting there in a diaper, smacking a physics book with a hammer and drooling while watching fox news.

  • Ben

    I can actually feel myself getting dumber…

  • UrsaMinor

    On the bright side, no actual facts were harmed in the making of this video, thanks to the use of stunt doubles.

    • Custador

      I feel marginally stupider for watching this.

      • UrsaMinor

        I think it probably shaves about 1 point off your IQ for every minute you watch it.

        • Fentwin

          I lost approximately 5.5 IQ points.

          When I grow up I want to be a gulch!

  • vasaroti

    A bit past the initial toy chopper fiasco, he himself contradicts the Bible – something on the bottom of the frame about Foucault’s pendulum actually showing that the universe is moving around a fixed earth. The Bible make no such claim.

  • FO

    I checked the guy’s youtube channel and it seems genuine. oO

  • NoYourGod

    Holy f***ing (bull)s**t…

    • Mahousniper


  • Mahousniper

    I was going to watch it, but then I noticed it was 30 minutes long. 30 minutes of concentrated stupid doesn’t seem worth my time.

  • thread_of_fire

    he musta been the one who designed the Halo 2 physics engine.

  • k2m15a

    after watching that SHYTT, I..
    just no!
    such idiots cannot really exist.

    I need a drink..

  • Paul

    That rates up there with watching a Kent Hovind video or back in my youth listening to a friend babble about whether or not blue looks the same for me as it does for him and at least he was taking LSD so he had a bit of an excuse.

    I made it to 13:41. I am amazed that he thought this required 30 minutes plus all the notes. He needs to learn to leave them on screen longer. I guess he’s assuming the world is a smooth ball with nothing that would help move the winds around. If the world went from 0 to 1000 mph in 10 seconds, then his ideas would make sense until the atmosphere stabilized at its current status.

    He is better with the RC helicopter than I am, though I have an added difficulty level – my parrot attacks it and if it hits the ground the dog will attack it as well.

    Well, let me get along with something productive. Ya’ll have fun with this.

  • Harold Shuckhart

    I could not stand to watch after the *&&^%% helicopter. I suspect that the person making the video did not deal with the retrograde motion of Mars and the other planets which can only be explained from a geocentric point of view by attaching small rotating devices to the transparent spheres of the planetary orbits. Although it is possible to make charts to predict future positions, it is not possible to generate those positions from equations. A rotating earth and a sun-center frame of reference reduces the orbits to ellipses which can be mathematically described. Ockham strikes again!

  • Igor

    Believing in the inerrancy of the Bible is stupid. Defending the inerrancy of the Bible is even stupider. Q.E.D.

  • Sue Blue

    Okay, I just couldn’t make it through the whole thirty minutes. I thought I felt the onset of a hemorrhagic stroke at about five minutes in, so I quit. I need some brain bleach.
    What bothers me about this is not that some idiot made it – anyone can put anything up on YouTube – but that there are people out there who might really believe it. People who are walking around, holding down jobs, driving, raising kids. Maybe even my neighbors. Damn, that’s scary.

    • Custador

      It’s a reality I’m increasingly numb to. There really is a huge population who equate “I don’t understand it” to “It’s not possible”, and “I have a absolutely no grasp of this topic” to “I am a stone-cold expert in the field”. Dunning-Kruger effect indeed.

  • kop_op

    After 4 minutes, it became clear to me that half an hour would be a loss of time, so I spent a few minutes more, hopping through the video until 30:49, expecting I would greeted by a giant emoticon, smiling and asking me if I had enjoyed the comic ride. I did not, but I envy the author of his skill in steering the helicopter.-

  • Entropy

    Um… Is this video a joke? Seriously, read a book dude. Other than the bible I mean…

    31.69 nHz = once a year.