The Almighty Watering Can

Here’s one that’s making the rounds. According to the notes, this was produced as a homework assignment for a class at the Bezalel art school in Jerusaelm. I’d say the producers deserve an ‘A’ for the quality of the photography alone.

Essentially, the video plays with various religious tropes by using a stylish IKEA watering can as a religious symbol.

via Dangerous Minds

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  • mikespeir

    Sorry, this doesn’t work. The watering can is real.

  • Justin

    I was in IKEA shortly after seeing this video last year. I took a picture kneeling in front of it for my dad who loved the video so much. Because of my crappy old iPhone camera lens it came out washed out in the fluorescent light and looked perfect. I couldn’t have edited it to be better.

    • vasaroti

      So, post it on Bebo or Photobucket or somewhere. You might start a craze akin to planking.

  • Carla

    Can we make the holy watering can the newest symbol of atheism? I would like to see it up there with their holinesses (can that be plural?) The Invisible Pink Unicorn and The Flying Spaghetti Monster, my their reign be every great.

    • Ant Allan

      Is it Russell’s?


  • Noelle

    now i really want that watering can

  • UrsaMinor

    Hey, the watering can could be used to pour libations of marinara sauce as offerings to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    And when not in use, it could be hung on the Invisible Pink Unicorn’s holy horn for easy storage.

    • Morpheus91

      We now have a trinity! ^^

      • UrsaMinor

        Two deities and trendy piece of Scandinavian kitsch? Yeah, I guess that’s a trinity.

        • Custador

          Today I went to Ikea and bought a back-scratcher and two umbrellas. The watering-can is a false God.

        • Paul

          yes, a trinity in the same vein as the 5 books of Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Someone else has now offered a sixth book to the trilogy but he may be an apostate.

  • Dale

    I just had an epiphany.

  • Sabio Lantz

    Wow, that was fantastic.
    I wonder how many folks are now going to get that tattoo.
    It is great competition with the FSM.

  • Charles Corum

    Very clever, but it would be even more so, and utilitarian to boot, if the water would automatically turn into a vintage Cabernet!

  • Meboop

    First time I saw this video. Interesting I have the same watering can and found a dead mouse in it. Is that a sign?