1 in 5 Kids

Here’s a fun new meme: “Talk to your kids about …”

(via Exploring our Matrix)

I believe that the meme originated at the College for Creative Studies with this wonderful piece:

I’d consider one about atheism, but many people wouldn’t recognize it as a joke. Science, maybe?

Absence of Evidence / Evidence of Absence
Bad Catholic's "Mere Christianity"
Sagan, Hawking and Clarke on God, The Universe and Everything
Belief vs. Action
  • vasaroti

    “Doubting is a gateway to thinking.” That’s going on a sign.

    The art meme is no joke. My Daughter used to draw a lot of anime characters, and of course when you draw a human , you sketch in the faint outline of the underlying nude before you add clothing folds and details. Somebody looking over her shoulder at a blocked-in figure in a notebook started calling her “perverted” and “gross.” It’s a long story, but ultimately the school art teacher stepped in to show the kids how all artists work from the bones out.

    • kholdom0790

      Wow. That’s amazingly jerky. Oh my stars, breasts! The sky is falling!

    • UrsaMinor

      Yup. You work from the skeleton out, and add the externals like hair and clothing last.

      Doesn’t anyone work from live nude models anymore? Well, probably not at the high school level, but once you hit your first art course in college, you’ve got to expect that. I think it must be Satan’s doing or something. He does tend to favor bastions of liberalism like college campuses.

      • vasaroti

        She was lucky enough to find a local group of artists who had drawing from nude models (including males) once a week in a bookstore. We scribbled up a parental consent form for her, and her drawing skills really improved.

        • UrsaMinor

          That’s the only way to go if you want to learn figure drawing.

          I feel sorry for your daughter’s classmate, though, if the kid has been raised to think that figure drawing is “perverted” and “gross”. One can only imagine what their reaction to figure sculpting would be.

  • Iosue

    I’ve come across the philosophy one sometime last week I think– and there is a science one also that I’ve seen floating around on tumblr. Good to see the art one too.

  • Iosue
  • http://www.davidlrattigan.com David L Rattigan

    Can’t help but be reminded of this parody I wrote a few years ago: “Struggling with Intellectual Masturbation,” by Dr James Cobb (President & Founder, Family Fundamentals).

  • zach

    college humor had this one up on student loans a while back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkrTa4RMpDw

  • Anonymous-Sam

    “Our hypothesis is that critical thinking is a gateway to science. The first of multiple experiments to demonstrate correlation is still pending.”

  • Vander Goten

    In the middle age, philosophy was supposed to be the servant of theology, and it would have been seen as a sin of pride to use one’s reason against religion, or for supporting scepticism. Pride of course is supposed to be the capital sin par excellence ….And as far as art is concerned, art of art’s sake would surely have seen as sinful. Art was meant only to praise god.

  • snakeseare

    The philosophy bit was great until the last panel. The backwards ball cap should have been a mortarboard.